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Satellite Internet Wifi

wifi satellite Internet is a way to connect your computers, game consoles and other equipment so you can go online anywhere in your home.

Pros and Cons of Satellite Internet

Satellite Internet is an increasingly popular choice for people who live in rural areas that are not able to connect to the Internet in other ways. It can also be used by people who move frequently, since the dish and the modem used with it can easily be taken from place to place.

There are several different kinds of technology used to connect to satellite Internet, but it is usually the most expensive choice and a somewhat unreliable way to access the Internet. The slowness, or latency, comes from the signal traveling out into space and back before you can view a website or download a document.

The latency is not that noticeable when web browsing, but playing games over the Internet is difficult when timing is important. Using a webcam can also have frustrating lags.

However, satellite Internet is the best or only option in many places where cable or DSL services simply aren't available.

Using wifi Satellite Internet

wifi satellite Internet simply means that you have added a wireless network to your home. wifi is a name for a local area network, which means that all the electronic devices in the local area (such as a home or business) are wirelessly connected to each other and to the Internet.

This means that you can easily browse the Internet from any room in your house, download games directly onto your gaming console and send pictures taken with your cell phone to your computer, all using your satellite Internet access.

Hooking up a wifi network in your house is not that difficult. You need to have a wifi router that can connect to both your modem and your computer via a wireless card or have a satellite modem with built-in wifi capability. Contact your Internet provider for more information on how to get wifi satellite Internet in your home.

The Implications of Satellite wifi

Using your satellite Internet connection to build a wireless network in your home is one thing, but the idea could one day be used on a larger scale to provide wider public access to the Internet.

Some airlines are already testing wife satellite access to allow people to use the Internet on airplanes.

Communities that are using strategically-placed modems to provide municipal wifi Internet access could take advantage of the same idea. Using satellites could allow even rural areas to have widespread Internet access.

Some have speculated that combining wifi and satellite Internet could provide inexpensive or free Internet access to people in countries with little access or where connections to the Internet are too expensive for most people to enjoy. In addition to the budget-minded $100 laptops, companies in developed nations could sponsor satellite Internet networks to allow children and adults alike to see a whole new world on their computer screens.

Getting Satellite Internet

There are many different satellite Internet providers that you can check out if you are considering setting up wifi satellite Internet for yourself. Available vendors include:

Options and pricing vary depending on which company you choose. The cost of hardware such as the satellite and modem may vary widely as well, so it pays to do some comparison shopping before you commit to a particular service provider.

If setting up a wifi network in your home is important to you, check out how easily the company's hardware can be set up to make a wireless network. If you live in a community where satellite Internet is the only option, talk to your neighbors about which provider has been the best for them. They will be the best source of information on connectivity in your particular area, helping you choose the service you will be happiest with.

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Wifi Satellite Internet