Thanksgiving Online Games for Kids

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Thanksgiving online games for kids provide excellent opportunities to challenge the mind, develop skills and learn more about this great American holiday tradition.

A Variety of Online Thanksgiving Games

Playing Thanksgiving games online is an excellent way to enjoy this festive and meaningful holiday for longer then just one day. From preschoolers to preteens and elementary school kids to teenagers, there are Thanksgiving games for all ages to play and enjoy.

The various types of Thanksgiving games provided online include:

Where to Find Thanksgiving Online Games for Kids

There are many excellent websites that provide online Thanksgiving games. The following is a sampling of these sites.

  • Billy Bear 4 Kids has lots of holiday fun with online games and puzzles, such as Tic Tac Turkey Toes, Turkey Hunt and Home from Yesterday. There are also two animated jigsaw puzzles, Thanksgiving maze games and the Turkey Dance which is based on the Simon Says Game.
  • Primary Games provides Thanksgiving games for kids of all ages to enjoy, including holiday versions of Sudoku, Word Jumble and Thanksgiving-themed jigsaw puzzles. Other Thanksgiving games include:
    • Turkey to Go
    • Mayflower Drag and Drop
    • Over the River
    • Turkey Hunt
    • Thanksgiving Match Game
    • Gobble's Tic Tac Toe
    • Turkey Slide Puzzle
  • Challenge the Fighter Turkey in a game of Tic Tac Toe at the Holiday Spot. Other great Thanksgiving games include:
    • Break the Mazes
    • Turkey Slider puzzle
    • Find the hidden words
    • Turkey Race
    • Arrange the Broken Turkey Pieces
    • Pin the Nose on the Turkey
  • Enjoy Thanksgiving games for kids at DLTK Growing Together, including:
    • Dominos
    • Anagrams
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Bingo
    • Tic Tac Toe
    • Memory Game
    • Hangman
    • Word searches
    • Word scrambles
    • Word mining
    • Memory Cards
    • Riddles
    • Jigsaw puzzles
  • Animated Thanksgiving provides lots of dress up fun with the Kidoons family. Join their Thanksgiving celebration by playing Scarecrow Dress Up, Turkey Dressing and Dress Up the Fall Fairy Autumn.
  • A Kids Heart is a religion-minded website offering online Thanksgiving games. These games include:
    • Turkey Swap Game
    • Pin the Snood on the Turkey
    • T-u-r-k-e-y
    • Turkey Dressing
    • Turkey anagrams
    • Two versions of the game Break Out that reveal Bible verses once the bouncing ball breaks through the brick wall. The verses are Psalm 147:7 and I Chronicles 29:13.
    • I Thessalonians 5:18 - Fill in the Blank Game
    • Spot the Differences
    • Word searches
    • Mazes
    • Crossword puzzles
    • Sliding and regular jigsaw puzzles

So Many Games

There are many websites providing a variety of Thanksgiving online games for kids of all ages. Whether you love puzzles, action games, word searches or the classics, finding fun Thanksgiving versions of your favorite games is easy to do and provides hours of holiday fun.

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Thanksgiving Online Games for Kids