South Park Games to Play Online

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With 10 years behind it, the animated program South Park also has a number of South Park games to play online for free. You will be able to find hundreds of fan made games all over the Web, though most will not be up to the quality standards of the professionally-made games from Fans of the series don't have to worry - all major characters are represented, the humor is left intact, and pop culture parodies and celebrity mocking continue in full force.

South Park Games to Play Online at the Comedy Central Web Site

South Park Games is your source for official games based on episodes. For instance, Big Wheel Death Rally has you race through town destroying hippies and collecting power-ups to get to your goal - be the first to get the new game system The Okama Gamesphere 2. Snake Blast is a game where you shoot Uncle Jimbo's bottle rockets into the air destroying as much falling debris as possible. Don't let the snake get the best of you as it tries to control your movements. For those in the nostalgic late 80's or 90's mood, play Trapper. Cartman has combined with his Trapper Keeper and it's up to you, playing as Cartman's friends, to detach Cartman from his new robot parts.

South Park Studios

At South Park Studios, another official site, you can find the game Inspector Butters. You play Butters, who must trail his dad in order to see what he is getting his mom for their anniversary. It's a dangerous journey as Butters finds all the clues and facts and has to get home in time for the celebration.

Create Your South Park Self

While not a game, the character generator at South Park Creator 3 lets you create your own image in the show's distinctive style. There are hundreds of options to choose from so with a little tweaking, you can get amazingly close to your physical self. Adjust hair, face, eyes, shoes, accessories, and shirt logos, then change the background to something that fits you. You can save your character as a picture to import it into documents and other media.

Homemade Games

Not as popular as the official games, free homemade games made by fans still sometimes offer a unique twist you won't find from other offerings. Gameurl features one such homemade game. It's a basic game where you have to shoot everything but Kenny. The less you shoot Kenny, the happier he gets. Now what official South Park product would actually let Kenny live while everyone else dies around him?

After Effects

You can find all kinds of free South Park games to play online, but the best are going to be the official ones from Comedy Central. They are like little mini-games you find in major console games, and they will keep playing for hours. Plus, with every few episodes or so, the game makers come up with a new game based on one of those episodes. Fans of South Park, rejoice!

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South Park Games to Play Online