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Responding To Want Ads Online

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With online job searches, you can impress a prospective employer without ever leaving your couch. Firing off an email and a resume to a potential employer is easier than ever -- perhaps too easy, sometimes. Responding to want ads online doesn't mean you're exempt from making a great first impression. Indeed, with the ease of communication comes stiffer competition, making it even more essential to stand out from the pack. Before you send off your resume, get some pointers on responding to job postings online.

Replying To Want Ads Online

Looking for a job? You'll be happy to know that the days of beating the pavement in search of gainful employment are long gone. And with the speed and volume of online communications, your potential boss can choose to reject your resume with the click of a mouse. Optimize your chances - consider the following guidelines when responding to want ads online.

Be Specific

If you're responding to want ads over the Internet, make sure the title of your e-mail contains the title of the job you're applying for and a job number if necessary. Make sure your cover letter includes where you heard about the job and which position you'd like to be considered for. This makes it easy for a potential employer to figure out which pile your resume goes in.

Be Professional

Is your e-mail address or Seriously consider a more professional e-mail address such as or This will ensure that a potential employer doesn't send your e-mail into the trash bin in favor of more formal e-mail addresses. Getting into the habit of using a formal e-mail address for all of your professional correspondence increases the chance of making a good impression. Need a better e-mail address? Ask your Internet Service Provider about changing or try a free service such as Hotmail or Yahoo! Mail.

Be Concise

Just because it's easy to write on the computer doesn't mean your cover e-mail should be the length of a Tolstoy novel. Choose your words carefully when responding to an online want ad. Introduce yourself and a few of your best qualities, and reference any attachments before providing complete contact information. Following this tip, you'll provide your potential boss with an instant cover letter that will leave him or her feeling like reviewing your resume isn't a waste of time.

Do More Than Spell-Check

Unfortunately, spell-checkers attached to e-mail or word processors such as Microsoft Word are notoriously inaccurate and can't make up for simple word confusion or grammar mistakes. Ask a friend to proof your cover e-mail - a second set of eyes can catch any glaring problems.

Read Instructions

This tip seems elementary, but when you've been applying to jobs all day, it's easy to overlook certain specifications like letters of recommendation, phone numbers of references, attachment limitations or restrictions, or formatting instructions. It's simple for prospective employers to see whether you've paid attention to detail - and not following the rules is a great way for your resume to end up in the World Wide Wastebin.

Keep Track of Your Submissions

Sometimes, Internet searches come up with duplicate results, or maybe you're just so zonked from your job hunt you make the mistake of applying for the same job twice! A simple list (use a spreadsheet, word processor or good old-fashioned paper) will prevent repeat applications and give you a good idea of who has your resume.

Responding To Want Ads Online