Where to Play the Original Tetris Online

Screenshot of Tetris Game
Tetris Game at FreeTetris.org

There are a growing number of sites where you can play the original Tetris online. This puzzle game is available in so many Internet arcades because the owners of the Tetris copyright continue to license it widely.

Where to Play Tetris Online

"Tetris has been licensed to many of the top video game publishers in the world including Electronic Arts, Nintendo, Capcom, Sega and THQ," says Tetris.com, the official Web site of Tetris Holding, LLC, which owns Tetris and licenses it to other companies through a subsidiary called the Tetris Company LLC. This means there are a number of places you can play the game online, and each site is slightly different from the next.


While FreeTetris.org is free, you must watch an advertisement to play the game. The site also has a number of banner ads, and you are required to sign up for an account in order to play.

The site claims that it's the world's most popular site for the game and offers a free version of classic Tetris. You can choose the difficulty level that you want to play, but it's usually best to begin at one of the easier levels, such as level one or two, and then work your way up to the harder levels, such as level nine or ten. While you're playing, you can pause the game if you get interrupted.


Screenshot of Tetris Game
Tetris Game at GameTetris.com

GameTetris.com is a free site that requires you to have a Flash player installed. You play the game via the use of the arrow keys on your keyboard. One of the nice things about this site is that it doesn't have arcade music, so you can play silently without turning off your speakers, or you can listen to music on your computer while you play.


PlayTetris.biz offers a free Tetris game. You can choose your starting level, and play is accomplished using your arrow keys. You don't have to sign up to play; simply click on the link and begin playing. The site doesn't have music, but it does have game play clicks and pops as you move pieces and put them in place.

Screenshot of Tetris Game Series
Tetris Game Series at Play-Tetris-Online.com.


Play-Tetris-Online.com has multiple Tetris games, and play is free. The site has very loud arcade music, so you may want to turn your sound controls down.

This website lists six different versions of the game.

  • You can play simple Tetris, the first game in their series, which is a basic version of the game with a bomb block added so you can cut through the other blocks.
  • Tetris 2 offers sound effects throughout the game, and there are additional features such as the option to set keys for game controls.
  • Tetris 3 is the simplest Tetris that the website offers, and it remains true to the original game without any additional graphics or features.
  • Tetris 4 adds Arabian effects to the game, including Middle Eastern images in the background as you play.
  • Tetris 5 is straightforward, and the only addition to the original game is some sound effects and audio as you play.
  • Finally, Tetris 6 switches the look of the game to include brighter colors and a cartoon design.


Screenshot of Tetris Marathon Game at TetrisFriends.com
Tetris Marathon Game at TetrisFriends.com

TetrisFriends.com is free, but you must watch a video advertisement before you can play. The game has other ad interruptions between levels, as well. The play and music is very much like a classic Tetris game, and puzzle pieces are monochrome. Be aware that you'll need to sign up for a free account if you want to save your game progress.


In addition to Tetris Classic, Tetrisk.com has multiple other versions of the game available for free download, including Cherry Bomb Tetris, Simpsons Tetris, and Hell Tetris, among others. You must load an executable file from this site to play, but it's definitely worth exploring if you like variety in your game play.

Tetris Games 4 All

If you're looking for even greater variety, try Tetris Games 4 All. On this website, you can choose from among a number of updated Tetris games.

  • You can play Tetrishoot, in which you drop the Tetris blocks on green aliens and kill them.
  • Prehistoric Tetris is the original game, but it has "prehistoric" themed graphics.
  • Sonic Blox is a Tetris game with a Sonic the Hedgehog theme.
  • Tetris Arcade has numerous settings for speed and different blocks.
  • Boom Box Tetris is an explosive Tetris game which features fire and smoke graphics when you connect three blocks of the same color.
Screenshot of Tetris Game at TetrisLive.com
Tetris Game at TetrisLive.com

Tetris Live

Tetris Live is a free site that may become an instant favorite for anyone who wants to play the game online. The site offers four different versions of the game which load almost instantly since there are no frills to slow things down. In addition to Tetris and Tetris 2, you can also play 3D Tetris or JIG Tetris. In the 3D version, Tetris is taken to a new dimension as you attempt to defeat the game. In the JIG version, Tetris becomes a jigsaw puzzle. You still try to fit the pieces together, but this time you need to make a picture out of your creation and solve the puzzle.

Tetris, Tetris2, and Tetris 3D don't have any music, while Jig Tetris plays music as you play the game.

Tetris Strategy

If you're looking for strategy, you could log onto the official Tetris website. It offers a tutorial which teaches you how to play the game and gives you pointers and tips for how to improve. Since it's an interactive tutorial, you really feel as if you're learning as you're going through it.

On the website, you can also play a battle version of Tetris called Battle 6P. It's an intense game played against five other opponents. The site also provides background on the game so you can learn about its history and how the game has changed over the years.

Give Them All a Try

With so many sites available for you to play Tetris online, there's bound to be one that feels like the right fit. Enjoy a long afternoon trying them all out, and indulge your passion for this fun puzzle game.

Where to Play the Original Tetris Online