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Verbose people love to play word games online. Not only do these types of games increase your vocabulary, they also combine learning and strategy in a satisfying way. If you're looking for new games to put an end to your verbiage cravings, start here!

Where to Play Word Games Online

There are plenty of places to play online games, with one difference; some are free and others are paid sites.

Free Game Sites

Free game sites usually allow you to either download free games or play free games online. Occasionally free sites will charge you if you want to download a game and keep it. Others will allow free trials and eventually, usually within 30 days, require you to purchase the game if you want to continue to play it.

  • Pogo - Play Bookworm, Word Whomp, Tumblebees and other great online word games.
  • The Kidz Page - Find lots of word games and other online games just for kids.
  • Game House - A wide selection of word games can be found here, from Around the Words to Text Twist2.
  • Gaia Online - Play word games and many other types of games here, then trade in tickets to win prizes and get cool upgrades.

Membership Sites

If you play word games online frequently, a paid membership will offer the greatest flexibility. Paid sites usually offer free downloads, upgrades to older games and special offers and discounts to players that frequently purchase games. Monthly or yearly fees are charged to your credit card or PayPal account.

  • Shockwave - Try Word Jong, Scrabble, Jumble Crosswords and more from the site's large collection of online and downloadable games. Play free trials for one hour before being prompted to purchase a game. Plenty of games can be played indefinitely online.
  • It's Your Turn - Membership is optional, and it is not necessary to download Flash, Java or any other viewer to play word games on this site.
  • iWin - Enjoy free trial downloads and unlimited online games with membership. Win iCoins and use them to purchase other video games at half price.

Word Game Contests

Playing word games is fun, but being rewarded with prizes is even more fun! Luckily, there are plenty of game sites offering rewards and prizes for solving word puzzles. Whether you like Mah Jong or crossword puzzles, there are contests for your favorite games. Many of these game sites also allow you to donate your winnings to a worthy cause. Why wait? Start playing and winning today!

  • Puzzle Buffs - Enter their weekly crossword puzzle contest to win gift certificates.
  • A Fun Zone - Enter the weekly brainteaser contest and play lots of other word games, from cryptograms to finding the secret word.
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Play Word Games Online