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To play School Tycoon online does not mean you will find a browser compatible version. There are no sites with the official game, so playing School Tycoon online is not possible as of this writing. However, you can play games similar to School Tycoon and even find good sites that offer trial versions.

What is School Tycoon?

School Tycoon, like Mall Tycoon, is a simulation management game where you are in control of a school. From academics to sports to entertainment, players try to attain and keep the highest rating. The best school rating is five stars and in order to earn that rating, you have to maintain an "A" in all of the parameters.

You start with a plot of land and the ability to build a portable classroom. As your finances increase and your ability to help students grows, you get to build other structures made for sports, food and academic activities. Besides monitoring the classrooms, you have keep an eye on basic maintenance like keeping the garbage picked up and cleaning the restrooms.

You can jump right into the action with "Instant Action" (or Sandbox mode as it's commonly known in the Tycoon series) or play a campaign mode with quests and tasks to complete.

Where to Download School Tycoon Trial Version

There are many websites where you can download the trial version of School Tycoon, but some are not very reliable and may contain malware or malicious coding. The trial download runs about 300 MB, so high-speed Internet is recommended. Visit some of the following sites if you want to download the game:

  • Games 2 Download offers you the game as well as links related to the game like cheats and similar games you can download.
  • Terragame is a safe website to visit if you want to try the game. Download speeds are pretty high most of the time, so the chances of a quick download are good.
  • At Download Free Games, you also download the full version. With this site you get a download guarantee where you can return the game within 48 hours along with the opportunity to win free games each time you order a game.
  • One of the Internet's most respected download sites is CNET. This site is 100% secure, so you don't have to worry about viruses, spam or malware. The trial can be played for 60 minutes, then after that you have to purchase it. One useful feature on CNET is that you can read user reviews. Some negative reviews complain about how short the trial version is, but that's the nature of a trial version of a game. Once you weed out those reviews, you'll be able to figure out if playing School Tycoon online is for you.

Games Similar to School Tycoon

Being a simulation game, School Tycoon involves the time management, multi-tasking and decision-making fun that most similar tycoon games have. There are many Tycoon games that resemble School Tycoon available to play. Some of the games on the site are:

  • Airport Tycoon: Operate one of eight airports with different planes while you keep delays and problems down.
  • Burger Tycoon: From the cow to the restaurant, you have to keep your customers happy with good food and efficient employees.
  • Fish Tycoon: You have an aquarium with exotic fish that you can breed. There are seven Magic Fish you have to find in the game by cross-breeding certain species. Can you determine the outcomes of your fish?

Play School Tycoon Online

School Tycoon has been out for the PC for years, but since there aren't any sites where you can actually play School Tycoon online, it's suggested that you download a free trial to see if you really want to purchase it. In addition, if you download it, you won't have to rely on an Internet connection and can play School Tycoon right on your computer at any time.

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