Play Pokemon Yellow Online

Play Pokemon Online Free
Play Pokemon Online Free

Can you play Pokemon Yellow online? There are unofficial sites available that allow you to play Pokemon Yellow within your browser. Really the only way to play Pokemon Online is to run it in an emulator. However, LoveToKnow in no way endorses emulators or ROMs, as the game is copyrighted by Nintendo and these programs do not have a license to distribute the games.

What is Pokemon?

Pokemon is a monster collection game where you collect Pokemon (Pocket Monsters) in order to train them and use them in fighting tournaments. The phenomenon has been around since 1996 and was created by Satoshi Tajiri for Nintendo. Besides video games, you can play Pokemon via card games and board games. Incidentally, the creator was a huge insect collector and based Pokemon off that hobby. There are nearly 500 different species of Pokemon and over 400 hours of gameplay if you play each Pokemon game and collect all the monsters.

Where to Play Pokemon Yellow Online

So where can you play Pokemon Yellow online? Visit the following sites.


GBEmule uses the Java engine to recreate the game from a ROM. A ROM is a computer version of a cartridge game. Pokemon Yellow plays in a small square in the middle of your browser. The version on this site is a good version to play if you want to sample the game and learn about gameplay. You cannot save your game.

Dan Dare's Gameboy Emulator

Go to Dan Dare's Gameboy Emulator to play an online version of Pokemon in an emulator. The small window contains a picture of a GameBoy color and an even smaller screen for the GameBoy Color games. To play Pokemon Yellow at this website:

  • Click on the button that says "Load Rom". A window will pop up with all the games that are available to play.
  • About one-third of the way down, select "Pokemon Yellow".
  • The window will disappear and the game will start in the emulator screen.

For this site, clicking X2 video mode will play the game in a larger screen. It basically takes up the entire emulator window. You are also able to configure the keys.

Play Pokemon on Consoles

To truly enjoy the Pokemon Yellow games or Digimon games and their entire universe, you should play the official Nintendo game, originally released for the GameBoy Color. If you don't have a GameBoy Color, you should be able to find a Pokemon game for any of the Nintendo systems, including the Wii and Gamecube. Playing a browser version can be challenging because you can put all the effort into finding 100 Pokemon, but you can't save the game. If after playing some newer versions of Pokemon, you want to try to obtain the older games, look on auction sites like eBay and Overstock for older GameBoys and game cartridges.

Fun Facts

  • There have been 12 movies based on the Pokemon universe.
  • The most popular Pokemon is Pikachu who is a household name, even among those who have never played Pokemon.
  • Pokemon Centers are actual stores where you can buy merchandise like T-shirts and caps. The stores were named after the same structures in the actual game where you take your hurt Pokemon for healing. In 2001, there were three stores: one each in Tokyo and Osaka and one in New York's Rockefeller Center. Is 2005, Nintendo changed the name from Pokemon Center to the Nintendo World Store and began carrying video game merchandise related to other games.
  • In 1997, over 600 Japanese children were hospitalized because they had epileptic seizures watching a television episode of Pokemon. This season one episode has never been played again on television.
  • Morrison Entertainment Group sued Nintendo because it was believed that Nintendo infringed on the "Monster in my Pocket" copyright. It was thrown from court and appealed only once.
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Play Pokemon Yellow Online