Play Ms Pac Man Online

Play Ms. Pac Man Online

Do you want to play Ms. Pac Man online? If so, there are a lot of different options. Ms. Pac Man was an original Atari game that became an instant hit, and even today has somewhat of a cult following. A lot of people still play Ms. Pac Man online today, and in this slideshow you'll discover the most popular versions of the original and timeless Atari game.

SyndicatesDomain offers an alternative online version modified from the original code written by Paul Neave. This online version has the same look and feel as the original.

Ms. Pac Man Intro Screen

The menu for this online game has something for everyone. From the main menu, you can choose to browse more downloads, check out the photo gallery, review high scores or even sign the guestbook where all of the other Ms. Pac Man fans leave their thoughts.

Playing Ms. Pac Man Online

Playing this alternative version of Ms. Pac Man is actually not all that "alternative." The look and feel of this recreation is very much almost an exact replica of the original version of the Atari game. The score at the lower right keeps track of how many dots you eat, as the colorful ghosts race toward you around the maze. After a few moments of playing this fun online version, you'll be swept back to the days of your childhood.

The Paul Neave Version

If you want the original version of the Ms. Pac Man game from Paul Neave himself, simply visit You'll discover Paul's original creation available as an online Flash game, as shown here. Just click on "Play Game" and the fun begins!

Play the Neave Version

The Neave version of the game is also very much nearly identical to the original. In this version, the score is on the lower left, and you can see how many lives you have left at the bottom of the screen. With glowing pink borders and a red bow on top of her head - this is clearly the domain of Ms. Pac Man.

Ms. Pac Man at iTunes

Another online version of Ms. Pac Man is actually available for download at the iTunes online store. Here, you can download a version of the original Namco Atari game for your iPhone. Now you can play your favorite original Atari game anywhere and everywhere that you like!

Play Ms. Pac Man on Your iPhone

When you play Ms. Pac Man on your iPhone, you'll have lots of options and mazes to choose from. Since this is the one version of the Ms. Pac Man game shown in this slideshow that isn't free, you can expect to get a lot more out of this version. You'll find plenty of levels and settings options to suit your game playing needs. With the convenience of playing the game on your iPhone, you'll never be bored again!

Play Ms. Pac Man 3D

At, you'll discover one of the most unique and creative versions of Ms. Pac Man. This site offers a 3D version of the popular Atari game, in a layout that is very fun to play. It takes a little bit of getting used to, but once you learn to play the game in 3D, you'll be hooked on it just as you were when you were younger and playing the original version.

The Ms. Pac Man 3D Maze

This version of Ms. Pac Man is clearly updated to modern online gaming standards, with lots of settings for speed, difficulty, maze type, animation quality and more. You can adjust the game for the look and feel that you are interested in experiencing, and then just sit back and relive your childhood in three dimensions.

Google's Ms. Pac Man Maze

One of the most famous versions of the Ms. Pac Man game (other than the original Atari version) was when Google decided to offer a working Ms. Pac Man game as part of the Google Doodle offering. It was a wonderful tribute to the classic Atari game.

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Play Ms Pac Man Online