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Do you want to play Mall Tycoon online? There are many Tycoon games available online, some from the original creators of the Tycoon series, Take-Two Interactive, as well as many "rip-offs" that attempt to recreate the fun and vigor of the real Mall Tycoon series.

The First Thing You Should Know

You can't really play Mall Tycoon online. There is no Java- or Flash-based version of the game that you can play for free. The game was first published in 2002 for Windows and has since spawned two sequels, Mall Tycoon 2 and Mall Tycoon 3. Operating like most simulation games, you start with a plot of land and slowly build your mall empire by attracting stores, hiring and firing employees, decorating the mall and upgrading the mall by adding floors.

It should be repeated that you cannot find an online version of this game to play. You can find, however, downloadable demos and full versions of the game to purchase. While these are technically online, you install and play them on your computer.

You can find some downloadable versions of Mall Tycoon at:

You can also read a review of the game and user reviews at the second and third sites.


Since you can't play the official game online, is there anything similar you can play? You won't find full-scale mall simulations, but you can whet your business sense on mini-stores that play in the same vein.

  • Cinema Tycoon - In this simulation you run a movie theater that must make a profit. You pick the movies and the ticket prices in your quest to create the biggest mega-cinema the world has ever seen. This game runs on ActiveX controls, so make sure you use a browser that supports them like Internet Explorer or Firefox.
  • Business Tycoon Online - Want to unleash that business savvy on the world? Then join the Tycoon Online community and compete to be the most successful. You start by building factories and producing goods to sell. The more you make and sell, the more factories you can build and the farther you can expand. At first, you begin in Sweden (since the game was created in Sweden), but soon you can expand your operations overseas. With Tycoon online you can stick with the free version or opt for a Gold Membership which gives you some perks, but overall, the free version should suffice for Tycoon-addicts. There are two servers available, one in Sweden and one in the United States.
  • Coffee Tycoon - Have you always wanted your own coffee shop? Now you can, without paying all those crazy franchise fees or going through business school to get a management job at your local Starbucks. You control the baristas, the managers and even the executive staff. You must keep them happy as well as the customer while still making money, and more importantly, a profit. The game is free to play, though you do have to view ads occasionally.
  • Lemonade World - Interested in starting with a basic tycoon game to see if you have what it takes to play with the big boys? It seems simple, but there is quite a bit of depth to the game. Grow lemon trees, pick ice, buy supplies, perfect your recipe and even advertise to make the most money at the end of 30 days. Initially you don't start with a lot of money, so you have to be extremely frugal.

Play Mall Tycoon Online

None of the three Mall Tycoon games have online play. However, it is possible to make your own online play, especially for increased competition. Compete with your friends for customers and stores and see who can make the most money in certain time frames. Games are usually more fun when you have someone you can compare yourself to. Maybe when the next incarnation of Mall Tycoon arrives, you'll truly be able to play Mall Tycoon online.

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Play Mall Tycoon Online