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Play driving games online can be a lot of fun. These games let you compete against a computer, another person or a group of players, all while satisfying your desire to race, drive or complete a dangerous mission. Best of all, you only need a web browser to start playing.

Four Fun Virtual Driving Games

1. Need for Speed MMO

If you want to compete with other people and not just against a computer, play a massively multiplayer online (MMO) game like Need for Speed. Since MMOs are designed to support a large body of players competing at the same time, you can connect with friends or other players online and race against them. The Need for Speed World, based on the Electronic Arts franchise, is free and lets you race the fastest cars all the way up to level 11.

You must have an online account and download the game to play. Although the game is free, you can spend real money on car upgrades and customization to enhance the gaming experience if you want.

2. Auto Club Revolution

Race well-known, popular brand cars on both authentic and fictional racetracks in the free Auto Club Revolution game. Designed more for the car enthusiast than the casual gamer, this game features officially licensed vehicles from more than 50 of the world's leading car makers including BMW, Dodge and Nissan. The game delivers console quality racing while providing a social platform for car lovers and racing fans.

To really appreciate the game, don't rely on your keyboard. Instead, use a USB controller or a steering wheel so you have better control over acceleration. You can drive in dry or wet conditions. With multiple upgrades like superchargers, turbochargers, weight reduction options -- pretty much anything that will make your car go faster -- you can hone your driving skills in a vehicle completely specialized for you.


Ranked 39th out of the 100 top games of all time by PC Gamer, prides itself on the authenticity of the race vehicles, their engines and the racetracks. The unique appeal of this game is the lack of computer interaction because the game is designed for humans to race each other. The game creates a virtual racing world to complement the real racing world of NASCAR and other racing circuits.

You must have a membership to play and a license with your safety rating is attached to your account. Since your safety rating can drop if you incur infractions, this tends to keep competitors more careful, resulting in fewer crashes and accidents. If you want to improve your racing times, use the testing sessions where it's just you, the track and a stopwatch.

Monthly and yearly membership subscriptions are available starting at $12 per month or $179 for two years. Check back for deals, because they sometimes offer half-price memberships.

4. Earn to Die

If you are a fan of The Walking Dead or zombies in general, then check out Earn to Die. Although it is not based on any particular television show, your mission is to complete a course filled with zombies. In the latest version of this free game, you find yourself in the apocalypse and it feel as it you are the only one alive. You have a fire truck that you must navigate to an awaiting helicopter if you want to make it out alive. As you escape, you can hit zombies and do stunts to earn credits to buy upgrades. If you stay with it long enough and master the game, you will eventually be driving a bonafide death machine.

Wide Range of Options

Once you start playing online driving games, you will soon realize the options are as varied as the vehicles themselves - besides racing cars, you can also drive semi trucks. If you or someone in your family needs to learn how to drive on the real road in the real world, even that is possible. The DMV game is an interactive driving game designed to teach you the road signs and safety laws in your state.

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Play Driving Games Online