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Are you interested in online war strategy games? You don't need to own a console system in order to enjoy a fun strategy game. These war games, available to play through your web browser, are just a click away.

WarOnline is a war game set in medieval times. Your goal is to defeat your enemy and capture his or her castle. Movement is based on a hexagonal grid system that has been used in many other war games.

There are three game types available, each offering a different experience:

  • Battle - This game is all about war. You select your army (or have it selected for you depending on the game scenario) and then battle against your opponent. There is no economy or resources to worry about. This is about battle tactics only.
  • Duels - This version plays more like traditional online war strategy games. In addition to combat tactics, you must also think strategically about managing your kingdom. This includes researching new technologies and making buildings.
  • Campaigns - This version is for the gamer who wants the ultimate strategy game. In addition to battles and kingdom management, there is also politics to focus on. These games may last up to three months as players make only a few, carefully-calculated moves each day.

WarOnline is free to play. However, purchasing a membership will give you the following:

  • Play up to six different games at a time.
  • Access special Battle Scenarios.
  • Play without annoying ads and banners.


If the previous turn-based games are too slow for you, consider Artifact, which is a real-time strategy game. In Artifact, you'll start with a single city in which to begin building your empire. To succeed, you'll need to expand your empire, create an army, make alliances and search for artifacts.

The game world consists of ancient artifacts that give you increased powers. You'll always be searching for artifacts, trying to steal them away, or hold on them. Examples of artifacts include:

  • Red Dragon - This will increase the strength of your cavalry attacks.
  • Air Artifacts - These artifacts increase the speed of your military units.
  • Fire - This gives an attack bonus to all units.

Artifact is a persistent world. This means that even when you log off, the world will still be operating. This is one reason why you need to form alliances. You might be attacked when you are not playing. If this happens, you'll need someone in your alliance to protect you until you return.

The game community has been in existence since 1999. It is free to play, but you'll receive benefits if you purchase a three-month subscription for $19.95. Some of the benefits include:

  • Unlimited play time (free accounts can only play four hours a day)
  • Create or join a clan
  • Play in up to 12 games at once (free accounts are limited to three games)

A Fun Challenge for Strategy Lovers

While they may not be as graphically sophisticated as console or computer games, online war strategy games offer a fun challenge for all strategy gamers. This list of games is only a small sampling of the games available online. For additional listings, check out Play Free Games.

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