Online Maps of Canada

Online Maps of Canada

One thing that comes in handy in very remote locations are navigational tools, and online maps of Canada offer both natives and visitors the information they need to make their way through the cities, towns and even the wilderness of this massive land mass known as Canada.

Google Maps, of course, is one of the most popular mapping websites that many people would use to map out a trip to Canada.

Satellite Imagery of Canada

Google Earth also provides the satellite imagery that is now integrated with Google Maps. Google was one of the first entities to generate maps from satellite images, and in Google Maps, you'll find satellite images of some of the most remote areas in the world.

Street Maps of Canada

When you're visiting a place like Quebec, Montreal, or any other Canadian city that can have a lot of twisting and winding roads, the street map mode of Google Maps comes in handy for mapping out your route and making sure you take the fastest way to your destination with the fewest obstacles.

Yahoo Maps of Canada

Yahoo Maps is another very popular mapping website that also offers excellent coverage of Canadian terrain and roads. The Satellite mode overlaid with street maps, which Yahoo labels as "hybrid" mode, is very useful and provides a valuable overview of both street navigation as well as the terrain where you're planning to travel. This really comes in handy when you're looking for nice places to stop and rest, like a beach or a scenic park.

Bing Maps of Canada

Bing, formerly known as Microsoft Live Search, now offers some of the most advanced mapping features of all three major search engines. In addition to the road view, Bing offers Aerial and Traffic views on the online map as well.

Bing 3D Application

A unique feature offered by Bing is the 3D mapping software that's available. If you're willing to install a small desktop application to your computer, you'll be able to take advantage of some amazing features like viewing maps in 3D ground-level perspective, and having the ability to save your map viewing in video format.

Tourizm Maps of Canada

Tourizm Maps at offers several unique types of online maps of Canada, including a physical map, a political map, and maps of various provinces and cities.

University of Texas Canadian Map

The Library at the University of Texas has a map section on their website that offers a very comprehensive listing of Canadian maps, including an amazing assortment of historical maps, like the one shown here dated 1763.

Snow Depth Map of Canada

The Atlas of Canada website also offers some very unique maps of Canada, including this one which displays the snow depth of different territories throughout the entire country.

Census Data Map of Canada

The Canadian website "Geodepot" offers this interactive mapping tool that lets you click on any part of the country of Canada and it will process and display the actual census data of that region of the country.

If you enjoy maps, don't forget to check out Free Online Maps and View Road Maps Online, where you'll find even more excellent online mapping tools.

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Online Maps of Canada