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Is it possible to find online free self hypnosis? The answer is yes. You don't need to see a specialist every week to reach whatever goals you set. Your brain does all the work anyway, so you just need something to spark the subconscious into gear, and that's why many people use online free self hypnosis.

How Hypnosis Works

First, realize that hypnosis isn't a state of sleep, but a state of awareness. Your body relaxes, allowing your brain and consciousness to become alert to every part of your body's needs and to your goals. Hypnosis lets you be in more control, which means self-improvement is very possible. There are many fears and misconceptions about hypnosis and you should be sure not to fall into the traps that movies and TV shows have perpetuated. For example, one big myth is that hypnosis is about mind control. You may have seen scenes in movies where a hypnotist has put someone under and made him or her do crazy things. This is not true; a hypnotist can't make you do what you normally wouldn't do. If it goes against your personality or your normal behavior, then you can't be made to do it.

How Online Hypnosis Works

There are quite a few sites (listed below) that offer free self hypnosis. Basically, you download a podcast or an mp3 track and listen to that. The track is meant to get you relaxed and thinking about becoming alert. Instructions are given on how to do that and as long as you are willing to listen with an open mind, you should be able to "hypnotize" yourself.

Reasons to Use Hypnosis

The main reason people undergo hypnosis, whether through an expert or through online free self hypnosis is to improve themselves. You may want to quit smoking or lose weight or become more self-confident. It's all possible with hypnosis. If you have a goal you want to attain, consider hypnosis as a step in achieving it.

Where to Find Online Free Self Hypnosis

If you want to use online hypnosis techniques, stick with proven companies and expert facilities that have proven results. Research diligently before using the website of "a guru" or someone claiming to help you in any aspect of your life through hypnosis. If you feel an "infomercial" vibe, be leery.

At Self Hypnosis Made EZ, you can download free mp3s to help you relax. While they don't provide free hypnosis tracks for stopping smoking or losing weight, the mp3s they do provide might work wonders for your busy and hectic life. Download tracks like:

  • Perfectly Calm and Relaxed - Take a few minutes to unwind from a busy day. This track reprograms your brain and body for calmer emotions and a less active brain.
  • Sound and Peaceful Sleep - Having trouble sleeping? Listen to this free mp3 before you go to bed so you can sleep well and wake up rejuvenated.
  • Morning Day Planner - Before you start your day, listen to this track so you can imagine how your day will pan out. Beginning the day relaxed is helpful for your mind and body to stay focused.
  • End Fingernail Biting - If you want an example of how hypnosis can help you stop bad habits, try this mp3 if you bite your fingernails incessantly.
  • Creative Temple of Mind - For you creative types, download this track. The hypnosis on this mp3 opens up the creative part of your mind. Are you a writer with writer's block? Give this track a try.

Go to Free Hypnosis Treatment for a nice selection of free hypnosis mp3s you can download. They provide tracks for just about any type of need. From relaxation to boosting your immune system, this site has over 30 tracks for you to use.Another interesting method is to search video sites like YouTube and Metacafe. Using the same techniques as the above sites, you listen to the audio to get you into a trance. Some videos include relaxing pictures or a video to get your mind slowly deactivated so you unwind.

If you've never tried hypnosis, but you have some goals you can't seem to attain, then try online self hypnosis for a change of pace.

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Online Free Self Hypnosis