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online dream dictionary

An online dream dictionary will help you interpret the different images you have in dreams, particularly specific images. What does it mean when you dream of standing naked in front of a crowd? Dream dictionaries are intended to help you figure it out.

History of Dream Interpretation

Dream interpretation has been around longer than the written word. In Egyptian writings as far back as about 2500 BC, there are stories about priests interpreting dreams; in the Bible, Joseph worked his way out of slavery in Egypt by interpreting the dreams of the Pharaoh. Besides this very significant incident, there are over seven hundred other mentions of dream interpretation in the Bible.

Later, dreams were seen as prophetic and, often, as messages from God. Primitive tribes still view the dream world as a real place just like the world we can see and touch, and there are many cultures in the world that ascribe a high degree of importance to dreams.

In the West, though, by the 19th century, dreams had been discredited, ascribed to physical complaints or anxiety. Freud, and later his student Carl Jung, revived the belief in the importance of dreams. Today, many psychotherapists are as interested in your dreams as the things that happened today or in your childhood.

Online Dream Dictionary Options

Dreammoods Dream Dictionary

By far the best online dream dictionary is Dreammoods. Not only do they have a remarkably complete and detailed searchable dictionary, they also have a number of other great dream interpretation tools available to you, including scientific research behind dreams, a short history of dream interpretation, the differences between types of dreams, and a large forum. This should be your first stop on your trip through dream dictionaries online.

Dream Dictionary offers generic interpretations of dreams by theme. Browse categories by theme, including lucid dreams, daydreaming, nightmares, psychic dreams, and epic dreams, to find matches for the subjects you tend to dream about often.

Sleeps.Com Dream Dictionary

The online dream dictionary is primarily a selling tool on this site, but the dictionary itself is complete. This is a dictionary to try if the other ones don't work for you.

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Online Dream Dictionary