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There are two types of online comedic monologues available. Some actors and directors seek comedic monologues for use in auditions and performances. Other Internet users want to read or view monologues from their favorite stand-up comedians and talk show hosts. Whatever your intent in seeking them out, you only need to go online to find dozens of helpful resources.

Online Comedic Monologues for Theater offers a directory of monologues for men and women. Each piece is labeled with the age of the character and the approximate length of the monologue. However, no rights information is provided by the site, so actors should do their own research into required royalties before performing any of these monologues.

Make 'Em Laugh!

Make 'Em Laugh! is a UK-based site claiming to catalog over 1,000 "jocular monologues, humorous recitations, and whimsical poetry." The majority of the pieces on this site seem to fall into the poetry category, with humorous rhyming verse, and beg to be read with a British accent.

Monologue Archive

Monologue Archive provides online comedic monologues for men and women. The site is heavy on classic works, like Aristophanes' Lysistrata and Shakespeare's As You Like It. There are also sections devoted to monologues for seniors and monologues for children containing dramatic and comedic monologues alike.

Naranja: Monologues for Women

Naranja: Monologues for Women features original monologues written by the site's owner. Each piece is labeled with an approximate performance time, and the subjects range from thoughts on misbehaving daughters to love at first sight. There are also numerous monologues submitted by visitors to the site, although these are not labeled as dramatic or comedic.

Online Comedic Monologues

Playing After Dark

Playing After Dark offers a selection of online comedic monologues from several plays by Todd McGinnis. They are free for use in auditions; the site just asks actors to let the author know in an email and to give full credit to the author during the audition. If you would like to use one of the monologues in a performance, you must contact the site for royalty information. Monologues for men and women include everything from the one-sided cell phone conversations of a television star to an introduction from the God of Forgetfulness.

Theatre on a Shoestring

Theatre on a Shoestring provides a comprehensive list of sites and databases devoted to monologues. Every piece listed is comedic in nature, so this is a great starting place in any search for comedic monologues.

Monologues for Comedy Fans


While YouTube can be a hotbed of copyright violations, as users upload pieces they've recorded from television, many networks take advantage of the site to build buzz around their shows. CBS posts monologues from The Craig Ferguson Show and NBC includes several monologues from Saturday Night Live in its YouTube offerings. You can also find monologues posted by individual comedians, like these videos from Andy Ross.


Transcripts of monologues can help you relive your favorite moments from television and movies. The following are just a few of the fan-created transcript sites available online:

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Online Comedic Monologues