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Monopoly Online

Playing Monopoly online adds a new dimension to an old classic. You can enjoy the same rules of the traditional board game while also discovering an animated perspective on the game. The online version is targeted to those who tire of the same old board games and want to add some excitement as well as convenience to their gaming experience.

Where to Find Monopoly Online

There are several resources for playing online Monopoly. You can check out the following:


Hasbro's Australian Monopoly site is one of the best places to play Monopoly online. While the properties in this localized version of the game will be unfamiliar to U.S. players, the rules are the same. However, the game doesn't provide head-to-head competition against other players. "Mr. Monopoly" owns some of the properties on the board, and he collects rent as you try to build your Australian real estate empire. This online game is based on the Here and Now version of Monopoly, with real-world prices and updated utilities like cell phone service. Playing requires a free registration, and players from all over the world are welcome to join.

Hosted Games

You can also play Monopoly online with friends and family if you all own copies of a Monopoly computer game with multi-player capabilities. You will need to host the game on a server. Sites like are designed to facilitate this process. Users log in to the site and select the Monopoly lobby. GameSpy takes care of everything behind-the-scenes to make sure you can connect. You can play with a group of your own making or find new opponents online.

If you have a little computer know-how, you can also create your own server. Choose one computer to act as the host and ask the other players to log in to it, using the computer's IP address. As with many online game experiences, a high-speed Internet connection will make the process go more smoothly.

AOL Games

AOL Games offers two versions of Monopoly. Players can enjoy the classic game or Monopoly: Here and Now. Download a free trial version of each game, or pay to purchase them. Unfortunately, the site only offers game downloads and players can't compete with each other through the AOL service.

Unofficial Monopoly Versions

There are several games available online, copying the design and game play of Monopoly. However, these imitations are not officially licensed versions of the game. In addition to the dubious legality of these creations, they tend to feature amateurish design and clunky playing mechanics. Many Monopoly fans may be better off with the real thing.

Online Monopoly Features

Computer-based versions of Monopoly maintain the rules of the traditional game but add fun and convenience with animated playing pieces, automated money tallies, and on-screen property displays. You can play with others in far-flung locations and start a game in an instant without the hassle of setting up the board, organizing pieces, and doling out money.

Online Advantages

Online Monopoly has advantages such as:

  • Players no longer need to keep track of money. A computer will do this.
  • Playing do not need to keep track of a "Get Out of Jail Free" card or other cards.
  • Players cannot cheat.

Online Disadvantages

The electronic Monopoly experience also loses something. Some of the major disadvantages include:

  • Automated games do not allow for house rules such as "Free Parking" cash bonuses.
  • Players might miss out on the sense of camaraderie found in gathering around the board to play.

A New World Awaits

Playing Monopoly online allows you to experience this family favorite in a whole new environment. You can play alone or engage your family and friends to join in on the fun. When playing online you no longer have to worry about setting up the board or searching for missing pieces. Playing the game online is convenient and will give you a new way to play this traditional game.

Monopoly Online