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Kids Fun Painting Online

Two kids using a laptop

Kids fun painting online is a great way to introduce your kids to the world of art and keep them interested!

Kids and Art

Even very young children love getting involved in some sort of art activity. For toddlers, it may be as simple as playing with sticker books or coloring a picture. Finger paints and magic markers hold special appeal for kids as well. Kids fun painting online is just another way for kids to express their artistic side.

For many kids, painting a picture can actually be an intimidating project. They often look at other paintings and feel that there is no way they can even come close to creating something that looks good. The trick to encouraging your kids to love art, however, is to help them understand that art isn't an exact science. There isn't a right or wrong answer. "Art truly is in the eye of the beholder."

Get Involved

One of the best ways to foster this sort of art understanding to get involved in your kids' art education. How can you do that?

  • Art lessons-Check with your local chamber of commerce, community college, recreation center, or simply look in the phone book for art studios. Classes are often available for children as young as the preschool years.
  • School-Many kids aren't aware that they can take art classes at school. If you aren't sure whether art is offered at your child's school, contact the guidance office.
  • Home-Home is really the best place to begin introducing art to your kids. You can start when your child is just a baby. Purchase large crayons and spread out construction paper, large sections of butcher block paper, a notepad, coloring book, etc. on a table. Work with your little one, showing her how to hold a crayon and guiding her hands as she makes marks on the paper.
  • Encourage, encourage!-Be sure and hand out the compliments as your child makes her masterpiece. Make your comments specific, such as "I like how you mixed your yellow and blue." Not only does this show her that you are paying attention to what she has done, but it also helps her to learn colors if she doesn't already know them.

Art and Technology

Today's kids gravitate toward technology in the form of computer programs, online games, gaming systems, cell phones, virtual pets, iPods, and more. For kids with short attention spans, the expectation to sit and paint a picture can be overwhelming. With that in mind, it is often difficult to pull a child away from the TV or computer to sit quietly painting or creating some other form of art. Kids fun painting online can get your kids involved in the world of art while at the same time encouraging them to use technology. Even kids that enjoy art like changing venues at times, and using a computer to create a painting, picture, or image is a great way to incorporate technology and art into your child's life. Your computer probably already has some form of paint program that is simple enough for even toddlers to use with a bit of help. However, there are numerous painting sites located on the Internet that can capture your child's interest for hours.

Kids Fun Painting Online

The following sites will help your kids get started painting online. Get in on the fun by painting a few pictures yourself!

Be sure you have a color printer so that you can print your child's computer-generated pictures and post them on the refrigerator.

Kids Fun Painting Online