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A Hebrew online translator can be helpful if you're a little rusty on your Yiddish or you've decided to learn Hebrew as a second language. There are many Hebrew dictionaries online, but not all of them are easy to navigate or appear correctly in your browser window. We've compiled the best Hebrew online translators to make it easy to get the information you need.

Easy-to-Navigate Hebrew Online Translator

Suppose you want to look up a word, like glick. There are virtually dozens of Hebrew word translators on the web, but following all of those miscellaneous links out there can be confusing. If you want direct links to these translators, the following sites will provide exactly what you need:

  • Ancient Hebrew Research Center - This site is very helpful for people researching the Bible. It provides a search function for Hebrew letters, English translation of words and phrases and also offers a word of the day, Bible translations, word studies and much more.
  • Yiddish Library - Visit the site to find out what some common Yiddish sayings mean, including bupkis, goy and yukel.
  • Milon English to Hebrew dictionary - Use a simple search function to find out what Hebrew words mean.
  • The Gantseh Megillah Yiddish Glossary - Try this handy site with a simple search function to find out what Yiddish words mean. Learn about sayings, such as glick (piece of luck), farmisht (befuddled) and tahkeh (certainly).
  • Your Dictionary - Perform an English to Hebrew or Hebrew to English search on this site. It also provides dozens of other dictionaries for virtually any language.

Learn Hebrew for Free Online

If you just want to learn a few Hebrew words, you can use the Hebrew online translators listed above. However, after you've learned a few words or phrases, you may want to learn more about this language. There are many websites that offer online courses to those who want to learn Hebrew, either because they are converting to the Jewish faith or are doing an in-depth study of the Bible. The following sites can offer more detailed translations and courses in learning the Hebrew language:

  • Foundation Stone offers free software that will help you learn all about the Hebrew language. This language software is geared toward teaching adults Hebrew.
  • Hebrew 4 Christians is an easy-to-navigate site offering free online Hebrew classes.
  • Cartoon Hebrew provides a very simplistic way to learn the Hebrew alphabet using cartoons. Even small children can learn to read the Hebrew alphabet from this site.
  • Learn Hebrew can help you learn how to speak Hebrew for free; the site includes study sheets, a phrase guide and videos.
  • Learn Hebrew Verbs is another easy-to-navigate search-driven site. Just plug in the word in the search box and it does the work for you.

Professional Translation Services

There are times when a quick little search for one word just won't do. Suppose you have a letter that you need to translate, or need to work with someone who speaks Hebrew, but you don't. The following websites offer this kind of service that will help you translate text or audio files.

  • Translation Services USA - Translate Hebrew into virtually any language with this service.
  • Applied Language Solutions - Get a quote to have your text translated by translators with proven experience.
  • Hebrew English Translator - Receive translations tailored to the type of document you have, from simple certificates to medical records.
  • Green Translations - Offering translation services for both big and small projects, the company is a member of the American Translators Association.

Learning Hebrew can be fun and it opens new doors to learning, since it is one of the oldest languages known to man. Whether you are doing research and need to learn the language or are just curious about a few words, using the available online translators can make it an enjoyable experience..

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