Gaia Online Cheats

Gaia Online Cheats

Many people who are involved in the online world of Gaia want to find Gaia Online cheats to help them make more money and get goods more quickly. While Gaia cheats are somewhat difficult to find, there are some places you can go to find this information.

What is Gaia?

Gaia Online is an interactive, forum-based online community where online games that are played for points. Each person in the Gaia world has an online avatar who in turn has a home in the universe. Playing games and doing things in the forums gets you more gold, with which you can make purchases.

Gaia Online started in 2003 as an anime resource and eventually became one of the biggest online forums out there. To get started with Gaia, all you have to do is design an avatar and begin exploring your new online world, totally free.

Gaia Online Cheats

Of course any system that requires points or money to acquire goods will inevitably cause people to want to try to accumulate wealth more quickly, and online gaming forums are full of threads about Gaia Online cheats.

  • Cheatbook Online offers codes and other cheats in a old-school, forum style chat room.
  • Cheats Guru also has some handy tips and cheats, which you can access without signing up or completing offers.

The bad news is there seem to be as many urban legends as there are legitimate cheats that will work to get you more gold in this online game.

How to Get Gold without Cheating

If you're looking for ways to build up your supply of gold that don't involve cheating, remember that you can get gold in the following ways:

  • Log in everyday.
  • Post something in the forums every day.
  • Vote on something in the arena.
  • Vote on something in the forums.
  • Do Daily Chance, which will get you a certain number of gold pieces every day.
  • Use your Daily Chance and other gold to play slots or blackjack.
  • Comment on someone's profile.
  • Add a journal entry.
  • Sell things in the marketplace.
  • Play games.
  • Enter free contests.

These things won't bump your gold up astronomically, but they will get a steady stream of gold moving into your account. That may not sound like much fun to you, but a large part of these online worlds is growing as a character and building up experience over time.

It's actually sometimes more fun to play around in online worlds when you don't have all the cash and every great item you could possibly buy. Odds are good that if you used a cheat to gain unlimited wealth, you'd get bored with Gaia pretty quickly and want to go back to the days when you actually had a reason to be on the network because you were trying to get gold.

Gaia, Gold and Cheating

This isn't meant to be an argument against cheating. By all means, if you find a Gaia cheat that works for you, use it and tell people about it. It can be cool to have all the best in-game accessories. Just consider whether you will have as much fun if you build your home by cheating instead of earning every piece of gold needed to purchase things.

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Gaia Online Cheats