Free Typing Games

Free Typing Games
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Free typing games are fun and educational, helping you build real keyboarding skills.

Free Typing Games Online

The site has four typing games. In the Balloon Game, balloons float in the sky and you must pop them before they reach the bottom. You "pop" a balloon by typing the letter written on it. There is a keyboard image on the screen as you play, and you can select a regular or Dvorak keyboard.Paratrooper Sheep is based on a unique concept. Sheep parachute from above the screen and drift down into view. Each parachute has a letter on it, and you must type the letter before the sheep reaches the ground. The speed of the sheep varies slightly, adding to the challenge.

The Typing Chef Game asks you to type cooking-related words. The words float up on soap bubbles, and you must type them before they reach the top of the screen. The game's background music has a French feel, and if you make a mistake, the chef makes a disappointed noise.

In the Chameleon Game, words become flies that the chameleon eats when you completely type each word. An image of a keyboard appears below the words, and players receive hints if they type the wrong letter. The game comes with several set levels, and you can add your own text to continue practicing beyond level 15. You can also choose between a standard or Dvorak keyboard. offers nine free typing games. All games provide 40 levels of play, and each level can be set to beginner, intermediate or advanced. There are even levels for French, Spanish and German words. Games include:

  • Trick or Type! asks players to type letters or words as pumpkins fall from the sky. When you correctly type an entry, the pumpkin turns into candy and falls into a trick-or-treaters sack below.
  • Spacebar Invaders is reminiscent of the vintage game Space Invaders. As you successfully type letters or words and destroy invaders, the remaining invaders increase their speed.
  • In Keyboard Revolution, you help one of four animated dancers strut his or her stuff on the dance floor. Letters or words appear at the bottom of the screen, and you must type them before they reach the top.


TypingMaster offers two games. KeyMan Typing Game is a Pacman-style game with a typing twist. You can choose to play with just the homerow keys, the entire alphabet, the full alphabet plus numbers, or numbers only for those who would like to practice typing on a numeric keypad. The KeyMan figure appears with letters above, below, to the right and to the left. You must type the appropriate letter to move KeyMan in that direction. Eat pellets and avoid ghosts as you make your way through the maze. The Bubbles Typing Game asks players to burst bubbles by typing letters. You can choose from four playing styles:

  • Lower-case letters only
  • Upper-case and lower-case letters
  • Full alphabet and numbers
  • Numeric 10-key pad

Tips for Improving Your Typing With Games

There are free typing games for all skill levels. Players who don't know how to type at all should start with games that will familiarize them with the keyboard, ideally by typing single letters. Players who are comfortable using the keyboard should look for games that require typing full words and sentences to develop their typing speed and fluency.Find a game style and design that is fun for you. With so many options available, you shouldn't have to force your way through a tedious game. You're more likely to continue to play and improve if you enjoy the experience.

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Free Typing Games