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The numerous free sites to play puzzle games online will keep puzzle fans satisfied with hundreds of fun and brain-challenging games.

Online Puzzle Games


AddictingGames offers a full puzzle category. A large number of these games ask players to manipulate colored blocks or balls. In Jelly Blocks, you must move colored blocks until they stick together, as the path becomes increasingly difficult to maneuver. Blob Twist requires you to surround floating blocks with blobs of the same color, rotating the entire game board to aim the blobs. Zoo Keeper replaces blocks and balls with brightly-colored animal heads. The game's English is lacking, but anyone who has played a title like Bejeweled should be familiar with the basic gameplay of switching animals to create groups of three or more. Games like these look deceptively simple, but can keep players strategizing for hours. is an online home for jigsaw puzzle enthusiasts. Check out the puzzle of the day or browse through a gallery of thousands of puzzles in categories like animals and sports. Each image is available in a number of cut choices, from an easy six-piece endeavor to the challenging 247-piece design. There are even puzzle shape options within this list. Would you prefer your 22-piece puzzle be cut into wavy shapes or polygons? Puzzles are timed, so you can try to beat your best efforts or compare your time to the fastest and average times for a given puzzle. Share you favorite puzzles with friends by sending an ecard or posting a puzzle in your blog. After registering for a free membership, you can even upload your own photos to create personalized puzzles.


Miniclip is another popular destination for puzzle games, with dozens of game choices. For instance, Penguin Push puts you in a charge of a small penguin with a big job. He has to move blocks of ice into holes on the game board, and it's up to you to make sure he does it before time runs out.

PopCap Games

PopCap Games has built its brand on puzzle games. It is a great free site to play puzzle games online, and you can also download free trial versions of the PC versions of PopCap games. In addition to providing satisfying puzzles, PopCap is also known for creating well-designed games with unique looks, fun premises, and whimsical touches, putting them a step above many other online game efforts.

  • Zuma features an Aztec art style. As colored balls roll along tracks, and you must clear the board by creating groups of like-colored balls.
  • In Insaniquarium, you're put in charge of a tank of fish, and the puzzle comes from figuring out the best way to keep your fish healthy and happy. More than 20 other games will keep puzzle fans busy.
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Free Sites to Play Puzzle Games Online