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If you're considering trying to fix anything yourself, free online repair manuals can help. Many of the most common problems that people have with appliances, vehicles or electronic devices can be resolved with the help of free online repair manuals - no certification or special training required.

Why Repair Your Own Stuff?

One of the wonderful things about the Internet is that there are so many free resources available to save you money. You can find coupons, get amazing discounts, and yes, you can even download free manuals for anything you would like to fix.

The Benefits of DIY Repair

Most of these manuals are easy to follow and show you how to repair problems that you may think are too difficult or complicated. Repairing your own things provides the following benefits:

  • You save a great deal of money, because you aren't paying a high hourly repair rate for a service visit.
  • You pick up very valuable repair skills by taking a hands-on approach and fixing things that are broken around the house.
  • You will enjoy a very positive feeling of independence and empowerment because you know that you have the ability to fix broken appliances or anything else.
  • You will learn a great deal about how things work.

With all of that said, do-it-yourself repair work isn't for everyone. If you don't like to get your hands dirty, or you're not mechanically inclined and tend to break things more often than not, you may want to reconsider doing your own repairs.

Some of these jobs require delicate or somewhat dangerous work, and making mistakes can lead to further damage or even injury. However, if you have even a slight ability to understand technical concepts and you are fairly good with your hands, then you should consider doing your own repairs.

How Free Online Repair Manuals Can Help

Not all online repair manuals are created equally. In fact, if an amateur attempted to write the manual, it won't make sense and it wouldn't be very helpful. However, you can usually recognize a professionally written repair manual by the quality of writing, whether there are diagrams or photos, and whether the writing style is easy to understand.Usually, you'll find free repair manuals at some of the large online directories where members can submit their own repair articles. If you look hard enough, you'll also discover some very high quality repair manuals and instructions at smaller blogs and independent websites run by a single writer. Many repair experts realize that they are very good at what they do, and they simply want to help other people become more skilled with DIY repair tasks.

A few examples of the most common type of repairs that you may need online manuals for include the following:

  • Your clothes dryer runs, but it won't dry your clothes.
  • Your clothes washer is leaking water all over the floor.
  • Your toilet is plugged and won't flush no matter what you do.
  • Your bathroom sink is backed up.
  • Your car won't start or runs very poorly.
  • Your computer won't boot up.

Each of these examples covers an entire field of expertise, but no matter what kind of repair you need to accomplish, the odds are good that you'll find a free repair manual for it online.

Where to Look for Free Online Repair Manuals

The following resources are some of the best places for repair tips and advice. In some cases, you will find the repair tips in traditional manual style (usually in PDF format), or the repair instructions might be in a blog or article form. Either way, you'll find the DIY help that you need to fix just about anything that doesn't require special skills or training.

  • iFixIt is easily one of the best and most extensive online repair manual directories on the Internet. The power of iFixIt comes from the fact that it is written and edited by visitors, just like you, who have a specific repair skill or knowledge that they don't mind sharing with the rest of the community.
  • ApplianceRepair.Net features an assortment of repair manuals covering all kinds of home appliances. You only need to provide your zip code (no email address) to access the free repair manuals.
  • Appliance411 offers a small collection of links to PDF repair manuals, mostly for standard home appliances like refrigerators, dryers and ovens.
  • KYPhoto provides a collection of very useful manuals for a variety of older cameras.

Fix It Yourself and Feel Proud

The first time you fix a device or an appliance on your own, you will experience tremendous pride and a boost in confidence. The truth is, even if you think you don't have the ability to perform your own repairs, with a little bit of effort, the right tools and the right manual, you can fix more problems than you may realize. So search the resources above for the problem you need to fix, and get started!

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Free Online Repair Manuals