Free Internet War Games

Internet War Games

Free Internet war games are a fun way to pass the time and relieve some stress by blowing up other people from the comfort of your home computer.

Territory War

One of the simplest free Internet war games out there is Territory War. This turn-based online game involves two teams of stick-man armies battling it out for control of the territory.

You can move or stand your ground on your turn, and you can attack the other team using grenades (for long-distance, less-accurate attacks), guns (for accurate attacks that can only do damage to one person at a time) or the boot (for knocking someone off a platform, causing them to die).

Ages of War

If you're looking for something a little more dramatic, try the multiplayer fantasy war game Ages of War. This beautiful game sets you up as part of a kingdom known as a province. As the leader of your province you can construct buildings, increase the size of your military and, of course, eliminate other provinces.

Each province is seeking ultimate control of the most land and you can use your military might, magical resources and espionage to take over fellow player's lands. Every hour your province collects more resources that you can use to fund your conquests.

This game is similar to Gaia Online in that it is very addictive and people who get sucked into the story and have a thirst for conquest might find themselves playing the game for hours at a time instead of doing other things (not always a bad thing).

Other Free Internet War Games

There are many other online war games that you can play if you look around a little bit. Here are just a few places to look for war games you'll enjoy:

  • Addicting Games has lots of cute little games, such as one where you're toast trying to kill butter, or one where you are Achilles fighting the 300. Games are ranked by users.
  • Download Free Games has free games you can download, ranging from versions of Civilization and Risk to war games featuring the Romans, Vietnam and the U.S. Civil War.
  • Daily Free Games has many different shooting games, adventure games and action games you can play right now.

Online Gaming Safety

It is not such a problem with games that are played inside a web browser, but always make sure to exercise caution when you download games from the Internet. Make sure you are downloading the game from a reliable source. Check user comments for reports of a game that brings viruses with it. It's always a good idea to scan your computer for viruses regularly, especially when you are downloading games and videos. You can't be too careful and you don't want to mess your machine up just because you were trying to have some fun!

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Free Internet War Games