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Article Highlight: Safety Tips to Prevent Zoombombing

Zoom videoconferencing software has experienced a rapid explosion of use with the COVID-19 nationwide quarantine. While Zoom provides an incredibly useful service at affordable prices, there are Zoom security… Keep reading »

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Online Resources

The Internet puts a veritable treasure trove of online resources at your fingertips.

A Variety of Available Online Resources


You can use your computer to read books, watch TV shows, listen to music, and play games. It's a one-stop entertainment source. Even if you feel the urge to leave your laptop, you can still go online to find out what's playing on TV, what time the new movie is showing, and which bestseller is really worth reading.

Information and Services

Many of the greatest online resources are information and service-based. You can collect on an old debt, look up a phone number, find maps of any location, peruse famous quotations, seek medical advice, and much more. If you prefer your advice a bit more ethereal, there are also online psychics and ouija boards.


The Internet makes it possible to share your life with the world. Whether you're adding images to an online digital photo album, or pouring your heart out in a blog post, you become part of a global community of computer users. Make a new friend or stay in touch with family in a far-off place with webcam chats. You're only a few keystrokes away from making a connection.


Before you take your next vacation, go online for all the information you need. You can book your flight, research your destination, and find the best prices on hotels. The Internet also brings you thousands of reviews and tips from people who have been there before. Whether you're looking for the best beach in the Bahamas or a cozy bed and breakfast in Vermont, experienced travelers want to share their impressions with you, creating valuable online resources.

Online Resources