Animal Games to Play Free Online

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Animal lovers of all ages can find a variety of free online games featuring their favorite pets and animals. Whether you are looking for a virtual pet to take care of or a game of skill and wits, there are games that can help you pass the time while challenging your mind.

Three Free Animal Game Sites

You don't have to spend money to download or purchasing animal-themed games when there are plenty of sites that offer games at no cost. Three great sites for free games are:

1. Animal Games Online

This site offers a variety of free games featuring cats, dogs, elephants, fish and even hamsters. Kids and adults can enjoy playing the games on this site.

Some popular games to check out are:

  • Bratz Fish Tank Game: This game is fun for all ages. It is fashioned after the popular girls Bratz dolls and requires the user to be able to control the mouse to play and take care of the fish. To get started, you will choose the fish you want in your tank and the decorations as well. You will then be able to feed and take care of the virtual fish and watch them grow.
  • Dress Up Your Pet: This game allows you to choose a virtual pet from cats to dogs and more. You will be able to dress up your pet in a variety of items such as sweaters, sunglasses, hats and bandanas. You can also use the mouse to move pets around the room and place them in different locations.
  • Animals Farm This game is a bit more challenging and would not be easy for younger children to play. Once you select your level of difficulty, you can use the mouse to select items to develop a farm. You can click the ground to grow grass to feed the animals or click on the well to get water. The goal of the game is to take care of the farm and animals such as goats, chickens, pigs and cows. Each level you get through will feature different animals and scenes.

Animal Planet Games

Animal Planet online features free games with pets and wild animals.

Some of the most popular games on the site include:

  • Mutt Maker: Players of all ages can create their own breed of dog by crossing different parts of various breeds to make a unique creation. To get started, you will choose a breed of dog from the menu from choices such as Pug, Shih Tzu, Rottweiler, Basset Hound and more. You can select various parts such as head, legs and tail to add to your creation. Once your mutt is outfitted, you can enter it in a virtual dog show for online display.

Pet Games Online Pet Games

Kids of all ages can enjoy the free games featured on this site. From holiday-themed games with bunnies and to games featuring pets such as dogs, cats, hamsters and fish, there is something for everyone to enjoy playing.

Some popular choices include:

  • Pup World: This game requires the player to complete a variety of tasks within a specific period of time. Players can choose a color and collar for their virtual puppy, then use the mouse to guide the puppy through tasks like sitting, finding a treat and more. The challenging part of this game is completing the tasks before the time runs out on your clock.
  • Guinea Pig Catch: In this game, players will try to catch four guinea pigs that escaped from their cages. This game requires the player to use the mouse to click on the guinea pig and catch it. The guinea pigs move fast and hide behind trees, making it a fast-paced and fun game for kids of all ages to play.
  • My Cute Pets: This game consists of caring for a virtual kitten, puppy and pony. You will be asked to use the mouse to give the pets items such as food, medicine, a toy or a comb. You can choose from three skills levels ranging from easy to hard and a time duration from three to five minutes. This game is ideal for kids and is a great way to introduce the basic of pet care.

Games for Everyone

Whether you are a kid or an adult, you are sure to enjoy playing a variety of free online games featuring animals. Most animal games are designed for a single players and not only are filled with fun adventures but can also teach players some basic pet care requirements. If you love animals, you will have fun discovering the many games you can play for free online.

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Animal Games to Play Free Online