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Whether you love the look of fire-breathing dragons or prefer cute comical ones, there are many websites where you can adopt a virtual dragon. This cyber pets will provide hours of fun and amusement for people of all ages.

Where to Adopt a Virtual Dragon

You can adopt a virtual dragon at one of the many online virtual pet adoption centers. These online centers have a variety of dragons to choose from and most of the sites are free to use. Some to check out include:

Silent Wings Adoption Center

The Silent Wings Adoption Center is home to Mistyc dragons. These lovable little creatures are sweet dragons with a gentle temperament. The caretakers are trying to find them homes away from the "cut-throat society" of Mistyc, which is part of the Mistyc Collective. Adoptable dragons are available as hatchlings, adolescents or adults in a choice of colors including red, blue, black, green, white and yellow.

Dragons adopted from Silent Wings do not grow, as some other virtual dragons do. Mistyc dragons are very realistic looking and the adolescents breath fire. Each friendly dragon is free to adopt. The website includes instructions that are simple to follow.

Dragon Isle

Dragon Isle offers a collection of cute little cartoon-like dragons waiting for a home. Once you have your dragon on your page, it will change its pose or position every time the page is refreshed. There are currently six types of dragons for adoption:

  • Ralph is the fiery red dragon.
  • Albert is the honest green dragon with a calm but spontaneous nature.
  • Hector is smaller than the other dragons on Dragon Isle but is full of spunk and fun.
  • Martin the flying dragon has a real funny sense of humor.
  • Stewart, a snake like dragon without arms, is a great little wiggler.
  • Tina is shy at times but has a wonderful sense of humor.

More Adoption Sites

Some other online dragon adoption sites to check out include:

  • Dragon Adoption Center by Moon Dancer offers adorable dragons that are already drawn. If you prefer you can have a dragon made in the colors of your choice.
  • Mistral Adoption Center offers little mistral dragons for adoption. These imaginary winged creatures live on magic in the wild. However, only domesticated mistrals are offered for adoption. Adoptive caretakers must learn how to feed them in case the magic supply is low.

Additional Resources for Adopting a Cyber Dragon

The following resources provide additional information on adopting an online dragon:

  • Free Dragon Cyber Pets gives you lists of some of the most popular sites on the web to adopt virtual dragons and other pets.
  • Make Your Own Virtual Pet will guide you on how to make your very own virtual pet.
  • Free Virtual Pets and Creatures gives you tips and resources that will let you find a variety of free sites to adopt a pet online.
  • Draconian is a wonderful website that provides everything dragon, including pictures of adopted dragons and links to other virtual adoption centers.

Fun For All To Enjoy

Once you adopt a virtual dragon you will have a fun online cyber pet to enjoy. Every time you go online, you can check out your dragon and enjoy all it has to offer. People of all ages can adopt a dragon and have an online companion that requires little care and will give you hours of amusement.

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Adopt a Virtual Dragon