Acting Monologues Online

Acting Monologues Online
Online Comedic Monologues

Before you go to your next audition, try out some new acting monologues. Whether you prefer comedy or tragedy, there are plenty of free acting monologues available to budding actors online.

Where to Find Acting Monologues Online

If you are looking for a wide variety of monologues to choose from, you're in luck. There are many free sites that offer lots of acting monologues. Most of these sites offer options in choosing a monologue such as age range, type or genre, and length.

  • Actor Point offers lots of free monologues along with acting advice and casting call information.
  • Monologues focuses on monologues for kids and teens.
  • Ace Your Audition offers free monologues for audition purposes.
  • Script-O-Rama is a free site with full transcripts of popular movies and television shows.

Free Scripts and Screenplays

It is always helpful to have an entire script to read so you understand your character thoroughly. The Internet is a great place to find free scripts to help you in this endeavor. The following sites offer a wide variety of complete scripts and screenplays online for free:

Monologues and Script Books

Acting Monologues Book

If downloading monologues and scripts is too expensive, or you simply hate reading things on a computer screen, there are many scripts, screenplays and monologue books that can be purchased online. Amazon and Barnes and Noble all sell these items. Some of the top monologue books among actors include:

  • Audition Monologues: Power Pieces for Women by Deborah Maddox
  • The Actor's Book of Contemporary Stage Monologues by Nina Shengold
  • The Actor's Book of Movie Monologues by Marisa Smith
  • Audition Monologues: Power Pieces for Kids and Teens by Deborah Maddox
  • One on One: The Best Men's Monologues for the Nineties by Jack Temchin

Tips for Choosing Monologues

Choosing the right monologue can mean the difference between getting a job and continuing on with endless casting calls. Here are a few tips to help you decide which monologue to choose for your next audition:

  • When you choose a monologue, make sure it is from a script you are familiar with. You need to know the context in which your character is reacting.
  • Choose a short monologue, two minutes or less, for your audition.
  • The character you choose should be one you can relate to in order for you to give a heartfelt performance.
  • Your age is crucial to the monologue you choose - make sure it is within your own age range.
  • Choose a character and monologue that is similar to the character you are trying out for.

Now that you have so many monologues to choose from, you have the fun of choosing the one that will land you that next big part. Go break a leg!

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Acting Monologues Online