Where to Watch Korean Dramas Online for Free

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If foreign dramas are your jam or you are just tired of American movies, there are several providers online that offer free online dramas of Korean movies and TV shows. These dramas can fulfill all your needs for romantic and suspenseful entertainment. Additionally, some of these services offer a premium membership that will remove the ads.

Drama Fever

With a name like Drama Fever, you know you need to have the popcorn and tissues ready. An online distributor of international televised content, Drama Fever offers an array of Korean drama movies through a variety of apps including iOS, Android, Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One. In addition, you can easily stream your favorite Korean dramas right on to your computer. The drama selections on this site are broken down into several subcategories like romance, comedy and thriller.

How to Watch

You don't need to log in to view your selections. Instead, you just click on the movie or show you want to watch. While the free version does have ads, much like television commercials, you can choose to avoid these by paying for a premium subscription for $4.99 a month. If Korean is not your first language, Drama Fever does offer English Closed Captioning. While Drama Fever has an array of movies and shows free, some are only available with a premium version.


If you want a large collection of Korean Dramas for all-night binge watching, then look no further than Viki. The website Viki started as a fun play on the words wiki and video and offers millions of titles in over 200 different languages, including Korean. In the Korean drama category, this site offers more than 500 titles, and new ones are loaded regularly.

How It Works

To view your video, you can just click on the link and it will take you to a page with the description. From there, you can just click 'play' to view. Many titles offer reviews and let you know if there are closed captions available. One nice feature of this site is that the closed captions are available in multiple languages, including English. Another unique feature of this site is that they offer Viki Originals.

Tips for Watching

In addition to ads, this site is a bit tricky in that it doesn't let you clearly know which titles are viewable right away or require a paid Viki pass. However, many of the titles that require a Viki pass do give you a time frame of when it will be available for free. If you can't wait, you can sign up for the Viki pass, which opens several titles instantly and removes ads, for $49.99 a year.


Featured in publications like Forbes, Variety and The Guardian, FilmDOO is an international cinema company that offers a variety of free Korean dramas online. While the site houses hundreds of different videos in Korean, only about 24 are available for free to viewers. These are mostly short films or niche titles.

Watching the Dramas

Viewing your favorites involves just a click of a button on the drama that tickles your fancy. Most of the free videos are launched through Vimeo, and many feature closed captioning. Additionally, there aren't any pesky ads to hinder your viewing. However, if you want a wider array of films at your disposal, you can sign up for a free membership and rent specific titles.

Free Online Foreign Films

While finding the right online streaming site that is both free and legal can be difficult, there are a few services that allow you to binge watch your favorite Korean drama titles. Most of these sites don't require you to register and offer the movies with no strings attached. While you might have to deal with a few ads, most services offer premium passes for a small fee.

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Where to Watch Korean Dramas Online for Free