Safety Games

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Safety games can help reinforce safety rules without seeming overwhelming. Whether trying to train employees about workplace safety or training children about fire safety, there are many different games both online and off.

Games That Make Learning About Safety Fun

Food Safety

Tainted food makes thousands of people sick every year, but a few steps can greatly reduce your chance of picking up salmonella and other common ailments. Here are some great games you can play that will help you learn about food safety:

  • United States Department of Agriculture - The USDA features several different games to help you learn about food safety. There is even an interactive educational website that helps you learn to fight against bacteria. Also, offers teaching material for teachers and parents.

Work Safety

Work safety training can be boring, but with the help of online resources and print materials, it can be made interesting and fun. Try these resources:

  • ABC Safety Training - Offers different types of games for workplace safety training as well as videos. Some of the games include topics such as accident investigation, eye care and safety, personal protective equipment and workplace violence.

Fire Safety

Fire safety games can cover topics such as escaping a fire in a building or fireworks safety. You will even find games involving campfire and forest fire prevention. Here are a few games to play that revolve around fire safety.

  • Elmo's Fire Safety - This site is just for kids and teaches fire safety through an interactive game that takes you on Elmo's tour of the fire station.

Kids Safety

Sometimes it seems like the topic of safety and kids is so huge that it couldn't possibly be covered adequately. However, there are a few sites that cover many different aspects of childhood safety and do an excellent job, such as:

  • McGruff - The dog that takes a bite out of crime wants to help keep your child safe. Play games about topics such as dealing with a cyberbully, which adults you can trust and Internet safety.

Internet Safety

Internet safety is important for both adults and children. Although common sense will take you a long way, interactive games can bring up safety tips you might not have found on your own. You'll want to check out:

  • - Play for points and learn Internet safety at the same time. This site is aimed at younger kids, but parents can play along and learn how to keep their child safe.
  • Gamequarium - Links to many different sites with games promoting online safety.

Games Make Safety Tips More Memorable

Whether you purchase a game to play in person and learn more about safety, or choose to surf the games online, you're certain to learn many useful new tips that will be better retained by playing safety games.

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