Safe Online Arcade Games

 Safe online arcade game playing

Looking for safe online arcade games? If you take your time and look around the Internet, you will find what you need.

Safe Online Arcade Games

The Internet has a lot to offer, but not all of it is safe for kids. Many video games are graphic and violent and not necessarily suitable for young children. As parents, we cannot shelter them from everything, but strive to try to help guide them in the right direction. So what should you be concerned about when allowing your children to play online arcade games? Be wary of giving away any personal information, such as passwords or e-mail addresses since they can lead to a lot of unwanted spam, e-mail or fraud. You should also not allow your kids to download any "cheat" programs that claim to help with game play, since it could bring in viruses or other hazards to your computer.

Below are some safe online arcade game Web sites worth checking out. These are sites you will be comfortable allowing your kids to access:

This Web site is all about kids. Play games, make friends, do crafts and chat with other kids from around the world.The types of games you can find are action/adventure, sports, puzzle and word games. Kids can play these games for free. Find great titles such as:

  • Shopping Spree
  • Cloud Dodge Training Mission
  • Motorcycle Mania
  • Riley's Hoop Fever
  • Tangram
  • Slide puzzles
  • Checkers
  • Hangman
  • Animals of the World
  • Concentration

Miniclip is filled with safe online arcade games. Find action, sports, multi-player, puzzle, platform, retro and racing games. Many teachers have used this Web site as a reward to students.


WB is based on Warner Bros cartoon characters. Your kids will enjoy playing games such as:

  • Scooby Doo's Scooby Snack
  • Tom and Jerry Tales
  • Monkey Music Maker
  • Batman Batarang Toss

It also features videos and the television schedule for all of these classic favorite cartoons.

Real Arcade is a safe online arcade game Web site that offers popular, fun non-violent titles. It is one of the sites recommended by teachers. You will need to download their program that will allow you to play all of their games safely on your PC or Mac. However, only the trial games are free and you would need to purchase the game to get the full version. Popular games on this Website include:

  • Diner Dash
  • Little Shop of Treasures
  • Monopoly
  • Trivial Pursuit
  • Scrabble
  • Cake Mania

Final Note

Safe online arcade games are easy to find if you know where to look. Use the links above as a good starting point. Also be aware of Web sites your kids will visit that ask for personal information such as e-mail or passwords. With a little research and awareness, your children's online gaming experience can be a safe and fun event.

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Safe Online Arcade Games