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The ability to play Sega games online is well within the capabilities of most modern computer systems. While Sega is no longer a contender as a games console, the company still produces games for existing consoles such as the Playstation 3. Older Sega games may be accessible online without having to download or purchase extra software.

Places to Play Sega Games Online

There are more than a few website which offer games from the Sega catalogue for online play. Many of these are older games targeted at the retro gamer - who can forget the repetitive insanity of Sega greats like Bubble Bobble? When you wake up and suddenly want to plunge into an 8-bit world without having to download, arrange or emulate, these sites are the places to be.

Retro Uprising

Retro Uprising offers a huge selection of retro Sega games which can all be played in your web browser. This site allows you to choose the format that runs the game, including operating system specific formats and a light, fast Java version of each game. The quality and controls at Retro Uprising can be a bit suspect at times; the keyboard controls are sometimes awkward and can occasionally be unresponsive. This affects game play on some of the more repetitive games and games where reflexes are critical to jump and move your character. Competitive play is encouraged on Retro Uprising, with each registered player having a score which can be displayed and compared with the scores of other players.


SSega is a free website which has high quality Sega games. The titles may seem limited in certain genres,but you'll find lots of familiar games including popular characters like Sonic and his friends. The Adventure section is anything but limited, however, containing over 500 titles including Super Mario World, Sub-Terrania, and Zero Wing. You can register as a member or play for free as a guest. Use a compatible gamepad or your computer keyboard to play any of the games on the site.

Sega's own website has a selection of retro and vintage arcade games and is by far the best place to play Sega games online. Going directly to the source has advantages in quality and playability; Sega has made sure that their classic games such as the first three installments of Sonic the Hedgehog, Golden Axe, and Ecco the Dolphin are well presented, playable and every bit as good as the original console game - without having to blow on it to get it to work. Certain games on the Sega website are earmarked as VIP games, which require a subscription. Fortunately Sega also offers a free trial, so if you're only looking to get a quick fix of retro gaming it can be done for free.

Things To Remember About Online Gaming

Websites which offer legitimate online gaming are the best way to play Sega games online. While there are many sites which offer versions of the classic Sega favorites, many of these sites contain malware, viruses and other hazards which can crash or seriously damage your computer. A quick gaming fix of Sonic the Hedgehog is probably not worth the price of a new computer, so sticking to the licensed websites is a good way to stay safe.

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