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Did you know that you can get the best deals and online coupons right on your mobile device with RetailMeNot's latest app for both iPhone and Android phones? Brian Hoyt, Head of Communications for RetailMeNot, discusses how to use the app to find savings for your favorite stores and sites in this exclusive interview.

Interview With Brian Hoyt of RetailMeNot

Online and Mobile Deals

LoveToKnow (LTK): Why was there a need for a mobile app?

Brian Hoyt (BH): Around 20 percent of RetailMeNot's site traffic was coming through a mobile channel (primarily our site). And every month, we were seeing triple digit percentage growth (site traffic) in our mobile channel year over year. iOS and Android devices made up the vast majority of our mobile demand, with iPhone and Android having comparable audiences. After launching our iPhone app, where we registered 600K downloads in just over two months, we felt (because of the comparable traffic) that we would see similar demand for our Android application, which we launched on August 30, 2012.

LTK: How does RetailMeNot get the best deals to pass along to consumers?

BH: We source our deals in two ways. Nearly 40 percent of our 500,000 coupons within our database come from our community members, consumers who find a coupon and post it to our site for other shoppers to use. The rest come from the merchants themselves. Internally, we curate the best offers to ensure they are visible to the consumers who have visited our sites more than 400 million times in the last year.

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LTK: What makes RetailMeNot stand out from other similar deal sites?

BH: Scale. We have the most coupons, from tens of thousands of national retailers and locally known merchants. We also have some of the best technology and award-winning innovations, which we're bringing to mobile and payment solutions at check-out.

Using Mobile Phone Coupons

LTK: Do most merchants accept coupons on mobile phones?

BH: More and more, merchants are realizing there are separate online, in-store, and now mobile, shopping experiences. Many merchants want to leverage RetailMeNot's large online audience to help drive in-store sales. So yes, the mobile coupon is becoming another marketing tactic that is gaining more acceptance with retailers who are evolving their redemption policies. We are able to help them drive trial, unload excess inventory and excite consumers about new offers.

Tips for Looking for Deals

LTK: What is the best advice to give a consumer looking for a deal?

BH: Always ask yourself: are you really looking at the lowest total cost for that product or service? Price comparison tools like Red Laser, Google Shopping, Pricegrabber and Nextag are great. But, just because they are showing you one merchant with the lowest price doesn't mean that another retailer might not have a better deal. Always compare offers like "free shipping" or "percentage off" deals on RetailMeNot from multiple merchants to ensure you are getting the lowest total cost.

LTK: Are there any tips you would like to share with readers?

BH: Don't be afraid to ask a merchant at the register if they will accept an online or mobile offer while you are shopping in-store. Don't be afraid to show a retailer an expired offer or a competitor's coupon for a similar product. They just might honor it. And unless you like wasting money, don't ever buy anything without checking to see if has an online or in-store coupon first!

Get The App

You can download the RetailMeNot app for iPhone at iTunes or the Android version at GooglePlay. Both apps are free and simple to use.

Online Coupon Tips from Retailmenot