Great Online Deals

Michael Kwan
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You don't need to pay the full retail price if you know where to look. Many great websites are dedicated to spotting the best deals around, whether you're looking for gadgets, household essentials or your next vacation. Be sure to check them first when shopping online!


One of the most influential sites in the group buying trend, Groupon offers a wide variety of deals on a number of different products and services. The local and travel deals are especially notable, granting significant discounts on everything from hotel stays to admission to popular attractions. Other popular categories include beauty and spas, health and fitness, and restaurants.

When buying any of the deals on the site, be extra mindful of expiration dates and be sure to read the fine print. Some deals are better than others, and redemption may have restrictions. Download the accompanying mobile app for iOS or Android to search for, buy, and redeem your Groupons too.


Acquired by Walmart in 2016, Jet is one of the fastest growing e-commerce companies in the United States. It offers an especially unique business model for helping customers save more money on their purchases. When you add items to your cart with the special purple arrow icon, the prices for the items in your cart will actually be lowered. The incentive is to buy more to save more, so it's prudent to keep your impulse buys in check.

Another way to save more money on everyday purchases at Jet is to opt out of free returns. This further discounts items you know you will keep.

Categories of products available on Jet are just as vast and varied as your typical department store or retail superstore. These include everything from groceries and household supplies to electronics, fashion, and appliances. Jet mobile apps are available for both iOS and for Google Android devices.


In the early days of Woot, the site only offer a single, very cheap deal that would expire at the end of each day. Since then, Woot has been acquired by Amazon and has expanded to offer multiple daily deals across a range of product categories, including home and kitchen, clothing, gourmet, and electronics.

Woot is solidly recommended by Influenster members, who cite the "really good deals" and hassle-free shipping as positives. The deals can be "hit or miss," so do your research before buying. Just make your decision quickly, because each deal is only on the website for 24 hours and, depending on what it is, it might sell out before you have a chance to nab it.


Like certain social bookmarking sites and other social media platforms, Slickdeals features a system where users of the site upvote the deals they like. The deals with the most votes are then featured more prominently, making it easier for you to find the best deals around. You can browse for deals by popularity, category or by store.

To really stay on top of the conversation, participate in the Slickdeals forums and set up deal alerts for your favorite products, categories, and stores. This way, you can take advantage of the savings before the deal runs out. For convenience on the go, including daily coupons, download the iPhone app from the iTunes App Store and the Android app for the Google Play Store.


Many of the online deal websites you might visit tend to feature deals where the manufacturer, retailer, or website has discounted a specific item. In those cases, it pays to be more flexible about exactly what it is you wish to buy. PriceGrabber is a little different in that it empowers you to seek out the product you'd like to buy, and then it displays the lowest available prices for that item on the internet.

You can use the main search bar to look for the item you want or you can browse through weekly specials, check the list of top searches, or look through various product categories like furniture, home and garden, office supplies, video games, sports equipment, and more.

PriceGrabber doesn't sell any of the products itself; instead, it redirects you to the website of the retailer where the item is available for purchase. The disadvantage is you may not be familiar with the online store, and you may need to set up a new account to complete your transaction. There is also no official mobile app.

Scoring the Best Bargains

Whether you're looking for a good deal on a hotel or you want to buy a new digital camera at a discount, do your homework to get the best price. Canadians should follow RedFlagDeals, not only for featured deals but also for rampant deal discussion in the forums and an impressive collection of store flyers that is updated frequently.

Great Online Deals