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With so many words in the English language for poets and songwriters, using an online rhyming dictionary makes things simpler and more efficient. Of course, you don't have to write poems or compose song lyrics to use a rhyming dictionary. Anyone that is curious about word rhymes will find an online rhyming dictionary useful.

How Rhyming Dictionaries Work

When you submit a word, the Web site, utilizing some sort of background computer program and database, searches by syllable. If the word is one syllable, then that's easy - words that are phonetically equal are displayed. When more syllables are in the search word, most Web sites will display exact rhyming words for all the syllables. You can specify on many online rhyming dictionaries to only search by the final syllable if it's not important to have an entire rhyming word.

Take a look at a physical rhyming dictionary from the bookstore. You'll notice the words are separated by syllables, starting with "a" endings and going to "y" endings. After that, you can search for two- and three syllable words by the same technique. After that, if you need rhyming words with more than three syllables, then consult a rhyming dictionary online. Also, most book dictionaries may not have modern slang, which increases your capacity for rhyming.

Where to Find Online Rhyming Dictionaries

While there are many rhyming dictionaries online, the following Web sites give you some of the best results.

Rhymer offers you six different ways to search for a rhyme. Note: Rhymer is available for your PC or Mac computer; there are more word options and installs as mini-menus within word processors and other programs. After entering your word you can select from the following options:

  • Ending Rhymes. Here, words are chosen based on the same vowel sound. For example, fine/nine and pirates/forgets. This option gives you exact rhymes and words that have the final syllable stressed.
  • Last Syllable Rhymes are similar to the first option, except will also give you words that sound the same with vowels or consonants.
  • Double Rhymes will display words that exactly rhyme with the final two syllables, whether they are two or three syllables in length. For example, conviction/prediction.
  • Triple Rhymes will give you words that rhyme vowel-wise from the third syllable to the end. For example, scenery/greenery.
  • Beginning Rhymes take the double rhyme option and move it to the beginning of the word. The first and second syllables act as the reference points.
  • First Syllable Rhymes. The very first syllable is used to find rhymes. Similar to the ending rhymes.

Rhymezone is a rhyming dictionary and a thesaurus in one. However, the rhyming portion gives you a few options. For one, you can search for words that are near rhyming, homophonic, by consonant only, by specific letters and exact sounding matches. For a change in search results, you can find popular phrases that rhyme with the word. If you go that route, the last word or syllable is the portion that rhymes with your word.

Wikirhymer has over 100,000 words and phrases in its database with a couple of different choices to search by in addition to the common ones listed above. First, you can search by mosaic rhymes. Mosaic rhymes are rhymes that may appears as two or more words, depending on the original search word. Another option you have is to search proper nouns like celebrities and geographic locations. Abbreviations are also included in the proper nouns list.

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An online rhyming dictionary is an efficient way to look for English rhyming words. Sometimes, using a rhyming book can take those precious seconds or minutes that you could otherwise use being creative; searching online for a rhyming will keep those creative juices flowing.

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