Where to Watch NBA Online for Free

Watch NBA online for free

Whether you want to cheer on your favorite team or missed a game, watching NBA online can be difficult. This is because of the restrictions and licensing of the NBA for viewing games. However, if you are looking to watch online for free, you can find a few different online venues that will let you legally watch the games. Beware though, many live streaming sites that you find online for NBA are not legal.


Your one-stop-shop for anything sports, ESPN offers live game coverage. For example, the 2018 playoffs will be available on ESPN for viewers. In addition to the playoffs, there are also different game clips and highlights available from all your favorite teams. While can watch on your computer, ESPN also offers an app. These are live recordings that you will be watching. The times for these games will be listed and the links available when the games start. You'll also have access to the pre-game and post-game commentary in most instances. You can even find highlights on your favorite player.

Local Affiliates

While online NBA viewing is restricted by the NBA, you can typically watch online local games through affiliates like ABC and NBC. These channels will typically offer you the live games. However, not all games will be available, and these games are hit and miss. Though no recordings are available, local channels do offer highlights and other video content. Additionally, you can find stats, commentary and schedules. If you want to watch NBA on an affiliate channel, you simply look for live TV or live streaming and click the link for the game.


If you need to catch up on last season or just reminisce about a game that you enjoy, YouTube might be your best option. You can find games from various teams available through a simple search. While games from 2018 will only offer highlights, there are a variety of games from 2017 and older. You can also find the NBA Hardwood Classics, which offers a variety of games going back to 1969. These games are available from a number of teams. If you want to pay $40 a month, you can also watch live games and recordings on YouTubeTV. This allows you to view games as they happen as well as ones you might have missed.

Find Online B-Balling

Finding legal sites to watch the NBA online are difficult given that the NBA regulates the content available for most games. While you can find live and recorded games on paid services like Hulu, SlingTV, NBATV and DirectTV NOW, free online games can be found on local affiliates, ESPN and YouTube. Now that you know where to find them, get watching.

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Where to Watch NBA Online for Free