Where to Watch Major League Baseball Online for Free

Couples watching baseball game at home

If you are looking to stay up-to-date on all the latest baseball games and statistics, there are different online subscriptions you can purchase from MLB.TV, Hulu, and SlingTV. However, if you are looking to catch up on games you missed, just want to watch some streaming baseball, or are looking to catch the latest game for free, then there are several legal streaming games available online for free.


YouTube is your one-stop-shop for anything video, including baseball games. This streaming video site offers a host of current and last season games from all the different leagues. Finding the game that you want to watch is as easy as performing a simple search. In the search bar of YouTube, enter in the name of your game and the date. While YouTube does offer an array of pre-recorded games, you can't find any current streaming games available. YouTube also offers the MLB channel that has dozens and dozens of clips and game highlights. You can also find subscriptions to your favorite team channels as well. You can also purchase a subscription to YouTubeTV, which offers access to several sports channels with streaming games.

MLB Live Facebook

Fans of this social media site lets you stream games weekly on MLB Live on Facebook. Through a partnership between Major League Baseball and Facebook in 2018, you can watch 25 games weekly broadcast through Facebook Watch. While you can watch these games on your computer, you might also choose to watch these on your portable device through the Facebook App. These broadcasts are made available on game day, and you have to pay attention to the posted times and dates. However, if you just want some highlights or recaps of your favorite game, Facebook MLB has you covered.


MLB.TV is a paid, subscription service that meets all your baseball needs. However, if you are into watching baseball for free, they do offer a free game of the day. This game will be streamed for free to all viewers at that time. While the game is free, you won't be able to pick and choose the game available. At the start of the game, the MLB.TV link will open. You will need to register, but you can view the game at no cost. However, to view any of the other dozens of games available will cost you a subscription of $25 monthly or $116 a year.

MLB Twitter

Twitter isn't just for talking anymore. If you want to get your one game a week in for free, you can find them on Twitter. Through a renewed deal with Major League Baseball, you can stream a game a week through the social media site. The games will be available for free through the link: live.twitter.com/MLB. In the 2018 season, there will be 25 day games broadcast. To find the specific schedule, you can check out Twitter MLB.TV. However, you can only watch the games while they are available, which might be a bit inconvenient for some watchers.

Streaming the Ball Game

Streaming sports online through a variety of devices is really nothing new. However, if you are looking to stream a ball game from your favorite baseball team, then you can find MLB offering a variety of games online for free. These include Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit. However, if you are looking to fill your off season with pre-recordings of your favorite games or the world series, then YouTube might be more your style. Now all you need is the peanuts and crackerjacks.

Where to Watch Major League Baseball Online for Free