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Simple Online Business Ideas Almost Anyone Can Start

Online Business Ideas

The internet has flooded the market with new ways to make money. And lucky for you, there are different business ventures that can be started with zero capital or skills. While you can create an online Etsy store or start a blog, there are different online business ventures that are outside of the box.

Drop Shipping

With a drop shipping store, you can have a bunch of different products to offer your customers, but you don't have to have the inventory. For example, you set up the online store and offer the products. You also market your store to people. However, when someone buys the product, you order it from the drop shipping company and they ship it for you. This allows you to offer diverse products and work from anywhere. Getting started is simply a matter of finding a drop shipper and creating an e-store.

Start a Mystery Store

Sometimes people like to be surprised. Creating a website that is designed around sending mystery gifts could have the potential to make you money. Like an online e-commerce, you can make money from this site by having ads on the website itself, or you can have people send you a small sum to receive a mystery gift. The only real overhead you'll have will be the website, especially if you can get people to donate used or unwanted goods or to allow you to sell their goods on consignment. This will attract attention because it is a unique idea and store. Having the people fill out a questionnaire and finding out a bit about them before sending the gift can also make your gifts more tailored and customers come back.

Become an Online Coach or Consultant

Whether you use FaceTime, Messenger, or Skype, you can become a consultant or coach.

The opportunities are endless. Setting up your business requires you to have video messaging software and create a website. It can also be helpful to have professional recommendations for your skills.

Start an Online Candle Supply Business

If you have a passion for candles, then a candle supply company may be the business for you. Add value by offering printable instructions and projects, online classes, or a newsletter for people with a similar passion. You'll need a website and supplies (or access to supplies you can drop ship) at minimum to start this.

Start an Internet Homeschooling Business

With homeschooling a popular choice among parents, proving easy to access resources in a homeschooling business may be a lucrative opportunity. Whether you serve as an educational consultant, offer curriculum and lesson plans, have the ability to teach a skill (you can think outside of the box here - what unique skill re you good at?), or help homeschooling parents with record keeping and organization, if you have a skill that meets an unfulfilled need, you have a business opportunity. To get started, you'll need to assess your strengths and skill set to see where you can add value. Then, you'll need a website and an internet messaging service to work with parents.

Sell a Niche Digital Product

Online digital products are hot items. In this market, you could create:

  • Printables to sell online like templates for new baby announcements or themed planners
  • Audio products like recordings of e-books and podcasts
  • E-cards or even digital Santa letters
  • Create a new app for users

Regardless of your skill set, with a simple e-commerce site, you can create your own website to distribute and sell your digital product.

Flip Used Goods

With websites like eBay and Amazon slinging goods daily, this is another viable option for those that want to start a business with little to no cash and skills. In this business venture, you are buying and selling used items for a profit. You can do this by setting up an eBay, Etsy, or Amazon store and listing the items or just auctioning them off. You can also list your items for free on garage sale sites.

The key here is to keep your prices relatively low in order to entice customers. Having must-have items or hard-to-find items can make you more in demand. Additionally, you can do this at little to no cost by having people donate their used items or hitting garage sales and thrift shops.

Finding Your Niche

There is a lot of money to be made on the internet, and you don't need a specific skill set to create a business that will be successful. Whether you choose to open an online store or start consulting, becoming an internet sensation is all about finding your niche and tailoring to the people's needs.

Simple Online Business Ideas Almost Anyone Can Start