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You can reach the Hotmail Live sign in page by typing in "" into your browser url field. Hotmail is part of the Windows Live family of free programs and services that include online storage, instant messaging, photo and video editing, blogging and more. The Hotmail Live sign in gets you a free email account backed by the security and trust of the Microsoft name.

Windows Live ID

The Windows Live ID is a username and password combination that you can use over many Microsoft services-including Xbox Live-and third-party services that utilize the passport type log-ins. On many of the sites, you can save the username so you only have to type in the password. Of course, if you have a browser that automatically fills in the fields for you or logs you in automatically, then you can do that also.

Hotmail Live Sign In

When you first arrive at the web page, you are presented with a pleasing and very light-colored site: white and very light blue. Anyone who's booted up a Windows 7 computer lately will recognize the pattern.

The Windows Live logo is at the top of the screen and, if you don't log in automatically, a list of major features that Windows Live provides will also show up. The three listed are probably the three most commonly-used services: Hotmail, SkyDrive and Messenger. Below the list is a link to Learn More. If you click on this link you are taken to a page with more details on each of their services and a chance to download Windows Live Essentials, which includes free downloadable Microsoft programs you can use offline.

If this is the first time you've reached the Hotmail Live Sign In and don't have an account, you can click the "Sign up" button next to the question, "Don't have a Windows Live ID?" Remember, if you have a username and password you use for any of the Windows Live services, use that. Many people have a Messenger or Xbox Live account that will work.

On the right side of the screen is where you enter in your username and password, if you choose not to have the browser or Website save the information. However, if you do set it up to automatically log in, then one of two things will appear. One, your username next to your profile picture. Click on your name and select "Sign in" to enter your password. Below that is the option to "Sign in with a different Window Live ID". This is useful if more than one user has a Hotmail account.

If, at any point, you use the option to "Remember my password", then when you go to the sign in screen, the username and password will already be filled in for you. Just lick "Sign in" and you'll be taken to your Inbox.

Other Features

For those who like to read, you can click on two links on the bottom left to give your eyes a workout. These are the "Terms" and "Privacy" links, which explains how Microsoft expects you to use their services and how they intend to keep your information private.

On the bottom right is the "Help Center", where you can find answers to frequently asked questions, ask your own questions and check the service status of any of the various online services. Next to the "Help Center" link is a "Feedback" option. Here you can submit your ideas to improve Windows Live services or provide your experience with using any of the Windows Live online or offline programs. Just select the service and enter in your feedback.

Hotmail is one of the older free email services available on the Internet, and it is now tied to the many Microsoft services you can also use for free. Of course, free is always good when you need to be productive, right?

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Hotmail Live Sign In