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Free Online Alarm Clocks

Mychelle Blake
woman asleep in bed by laptop

If you're tired of reaching for your old-fashioned alarm clock, consider using one online. There are many free alarm clocks you can use right on your computer.

Free Digital Clock

This Free Digital Clock has a soothing rain on green grass background and a simple interface. You choose the time for the alarm to ring with your mouse. The actual alarm is a loud buzzing sound like a traditional bell alarm clock. You do have to leave your browser on for the alarm to work although you can have other tabs open and the clock page minimized. However, this clock will not work if your computer is set to go to sleep after a certain time to save power.

Online Clock

The Online Alarm Clock has several colored backgrounds and animations to choose from although the actual clock numbers remain red. Some animation options include an aquarium, lava lamps, and a fireplace. You can also change the clock size: small, medium, large, and extra-large. Alarms are easily set by choosing the time with your mouse from a selection menu. The default alarm is a sharp beeping tone that is sure to get your attention.

If you don't like the default sound, there are 22 other alarm sounds to choose from including a dog barking, birdsong, and a military trumpet. You can also set the randomizer to choose from all the alarm options. There is a noise generator as well, with nature sounds you can mix together to make a soothing background noise for sleeping until the alarm goes off.


You can choose to set the AlarmBuzz Alarm Clock between military and non-military time. The alarm is set with a selection interface with your mouse. The alarm can be set to play a sound, a radio station, or go to a website, such as a YouTube video. There are 19 sounds to choose from including a rooster crow, a baby's music box, and a ship's brass bell.

The website is dedicated to all things time and sleep related, with helpful articles on how to improve your sleep. There are also many time-related free tools including timers, time zone converters, and date calculators.

Online Clock Alarm

This Online-ClockAlarm has a clean interface that's easy to set. You can set the alarm with your mouse by selecting hours, minutes, and seconds. You can upload an mp3 file to play for the alarm sound or link to a website. There are six available sounds including a classic ticking alarm noise and a heavy electric guitar. The alarm will not come on if your computer goes into sleep mode. The website also features some articles on improving your sleep, a timer, and chronometer function as well.

Onlive Clock

This Onlive Alarm Clock website has several free time tools including a kitchen timer, metronome, and a Christmas countdown. The alarm clock default features large white digital numbers with your choice of nature backgrounds (or you can upload your own image). You can also set the background to one color and pair that with sounds such as a fireplace or seashore. If you prefer a round clock face, you can change to a traditional clock with regular or Roman numerals, as well as add a ticking sound and a cuckoo on the hour.

There are only four basic computer sounds for the alarm, but you can link the alarm to a YouTube video instead. The text that appears on the page when the alarm sounds is also customizable, and you can choose to have the computer say the text out loud. You can also set the time for two snooze buttons. This clock is also available in the Chrome store as an app for your browser.


This clock has a very simple look with large digital numbers filling most of the screen. You can customize the font type, color, and size of the clock numbers and choose between a white or black background. An extra benefit of TimeMe is the ability to set multiple alarms throughout the day. Alarms are entered in a table and in addition to choosing the time, you can also set the color of the alarm time and the alarm sound.

There are 18 sounds to choose from including a gong, a phone ringing, and a drum. You can also change the time of the clock so that it is not using your computer's clock, which is a good feature if you happen to be traveling in a different time zone with your laptop.

Using Online Alarms

When choosing an online alarm, make sure that the site works during your computer's sleep mode, otherwise you will need to adjust your power settings. There's a wide variety of clocks to fit your own personal work and sleep style.

Free Online Alarm Clocks