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One of the simplest and most popular ways to customize any computer is by downloading a new wallpaper image to use for the desktop. This can add a wonderfully personal touch in just a few short clicks, especially with the many cool and unique wallpapers that are readily available for download right from this page.

Fun HD Wallpaper for Free

Listed below are several great computer wallpapers that are free to download. These are all suitable for HD displays, but it is important to select the download link suitable to your computer. Most modern laptops and desktops feature a widescreen aspect ratio (16:9) and can utilize the 1280 x 720 pixel wallpaper image files. If you have a display with a standard aspect ratio (4:3), select the 1024 x 768 pixel option instead.

Preview Description Download Links
Tropical Wallpaper
Tropical Wallpaper: Enjoy the feeling of a warm tropical breeze any time of the year with this wallpaper which features a delightful coconut tree and the warm glow of a cartoon sun.

1280 x 720

1024 x 768

Steampunk Pattern Wallpaper
Steampunk Pattern: Peer into what appears to be the inner workings of some complex machinery with this steampunk-inspired design which features some great-looking gears.

1280 x 720

1024 x 768

Skull Wallpaper
Skull Wallpaper: Ahoy, mateys! Swashbucklers who dare to sail the high seas with pegged-legged pirates will enjoy the skull and crossbones design featured in this computer wallpaper.

1280 x 720

1024 x 768

Honeycomb HD Wallpaper
Honeycomb Wallpaper: Sometimes, simple geometric shapes are best. The hexagonal layout here is inspired by the honeycombs formed by honey bees.

1280 x 720

1024 x 768:

Cupcake Wallpaper
Cupcake Wallpaper: There are few treats more desirable than delicious cupcakes. With fun pastel colors and light blue icing, this wallpaper just might give you some hunger pangs.

1280 x 720

1024 x 768

Cheetah Wallpaper
Cheetah Wallpaper: If you want a more exotic design, go for the jungle look. Add the distinctive pattern of the cheetah's coat to your desktop.

1280 x 720

1024 x 768

How to Download and Apply Wallpaper

Downloading the computer wallpaper graphics above is very easy. The download links are shown in the right column. Choose the resolution that you want, and then right-click on the link, selecting "save as" from the contextual menu. With Mac OS X, the same action can be performed by hitting control+click on the mouse.

With the image saved on your computer, you can then apply it as your desktop wallpaper.

On Mac OS X

  1. From the main desktop, click on the Apple button in the top-left corner.
  2. Select System Preferences from the drop-down menu.
  3. Select Desktop & Screen Saver
  4. From the Desktop tab, navigate to the folder that contains your wallpaper image via the left column.
  5. Select the image from the resulting right column.

On Windows PC

  1. From the main desktop, right-click on any area other than a desktop shortcut or other icon.
  2. Choose Personalize from the resulting drop-down contextual menu.
  3. Click Desktop Background in the lower-left corner.
  4. Browse to the picture location and select your wallpaper.
  5. Click on Save changes.

How to Use Your New Wallpaper

The most obvious way to use your new wallpaper is to apply it as the desktop background on your computer. You can change things up with the seasons, perhaps using the skull wallpaper leading up to Halloween, and using the tropical wallpaper for the summer. The tropical wallpaper could just as easily be used as a way to overcome the wintertime blues and remind yourself of sunnier, warmer times.

More creatively, each of the image files linked above could also be used under a variety of other contexts. For example, they could be used as the wallpaper on mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, or applied as a background image where a photo scrapbook is created. The possibilities are limited only by your imagination.

Other Wallpaper Designs

If the designs offered on this page don't particularly suit your needs or you're simply looking for a change, have a look at some of these alternative sources.

  • Desktop Nexus is a community-driven site where members upload and share their wallpapers with everyone else. There are currently over 700,000 members and over one million wallpapers offered through this site.
  • keeps its site design simple and straightforward. The main index is a single column which lists the most recent wallpapers, but it is also possible to browse the collection by category or by screen resolution.
  • Wallpapers Wide specializes in widescreen wallpapers, as its name implies, but many of the desktop backgrounds are also available in resolutions compatible with standard aspect ratios and even mobile devices.

A Fresh New Perspective

You may use the same old computer every day, but applying one of the cool new desktop wallpapers from this page will invigorate it with renewed energy like a fresh coat of paint. Download all of the free designs offered here and get a fresh look anytime you want.

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