Cute Captions for a Selfie

Woman with dog taking selfie

Selfies are one of the most popular photo subjects posted on social media each and every day. With so many self-portraits being shared around the Internet, sometimes it takes a cute caption to get noticed and separate yourself from the rest of the crowd.

Caption Your Selfie Moment

A picture may be worth a thousand words, but the right caption can really elevate your selfie game to a new level and further illustrate the moment in time you just captured. Whether you post pictures on Instagram or add snaps to your Snapchat story, these captions will give your selfies the extra dash of personality you desire.

Ready for a Night Out Captions

Getting ready to go to a party or for a date night with your significant other? Here are some selfie captions for when you're looking your absolute best.

  • I might not be from L.A. or Tokyo, but I'm so fancy. You already know.
  • I woke up like this. #promise
  • System upgrade status: Complete!
  • Everybody's working for the weekend. Now it's time for our reward! #tgif
  • This could be the picture they use for the missing person report.

Captions for the Stylishly Unstyled

There's something honest and genuine about posting a selfie of how you look before you make yourself picture perfect. A little self-deprecating humor never hurt anyone either!

  • I don't need makeup to shine bright like a diamond. #KeepingItReal
  • Just another Sunday afternoon at the Smith household...
  • I'll take sweatpants and slippers over little black dresses and heels any day of the week!
  • On days like these, I could use a hug.
  • Just rolled out of bed. No makeup. Hair not done. Still love myself. #InnerBeauty

Captions for Big Life Experiences

Surprisingly, some of the best selfies are not captured in a bathroom mirror. When you are out living life to the fullest, a well-timed selfie can help you share that joy and exhilaration with your followers.

  • Exploring the Earth, one spontaneous selfie at a time. #wanderlust
  • There's nothing more precious than sharing special moments with this guy. #love
  • Moments like these... This is what we live for. This is why we exist.
  • Memories come and go, but selfies are forever!
  • Wish you were here (to take this picture so I wouldn't have to use a selfie stick).

Culinary-Inspired Captions

If there is one category of photos more popular on social media than selfies, it's pictures of food. Why not combine the two by sharing your adventures in eating?

Woman Taking Selfie While Eating Takeaway Food
  • Of course, camera eats first. Camera always eats first.
  • About to stuff my face. Consider this the "before" picture. #EatAllTheThings
  • Enjoying my Sunday coffee with a side of "I could use more weekend."
  • Doing my best Master Chef impression in our Hell's Kitchen. #homecooking
  • Who's the sauce boss? Leader of the stew crew? The barbecue guru? #ThisGuy

Inspirational and Aspirational Quotes

Adding an uplifting caption to your photo upload can raise your friends' and followers' spirits and help them see the silver lining and stay positive.

  • Smile at the world, and she'll smile back. #bliss
  • Life is too short for regret. Don't wait for the perfect moment. Just get out there and do it!
  • Everyone is better in the abstract, but you've got to be real.
  • All the world's a stage, and I'm not ready for my curtain call.
  • Life is easy with your eyes closed. It's what you do when you open your eyes that matters.

To Thine Own Selfie Be True

If a picture is worth a thousand words, sometimes a single word says it all, so consider adding a simple, one-word caption. There's more to the perfect selfie than lifting your chin just so and making sure the lighting is just right. It's about being yourself, showing some attitude, and choosing the caption you choose to go with your picture will speak volumes about who you are. Love and be loved, or liked and "favorited" as the social media case may be.

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