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Half the appeal of creating a virtual persona in a video game series like The Sims is the ability to customize the look of your on-screen avatar. While the in-game inventory can provide some level of personalization, several websites offer the option of downloading Sims clothing and outfits.

The Sims Resource

One of the largest and most comprehensive resources on the Internet for Sims downloads and other materials is the aptly named The Sims Resource. With The Sims 4 clothing alone, the site boasts over 25,000 unique creations from artists all around the world. These range from more casual items like camo sweaters in a variety of colors to more elegant creations like glamorous cocktail dresses. Downloads are available for male and female characters, and you can sort through them based on the theme, subcategory or filter.

The Sims Resource is ad-supported. The website can be quite aggressive with its ad placements, including several banners and pop-ups. In exchange, the downloads are free to the end user. Alternatively, you can disable all ads by becoming a VIP member for $4 per month.

When you click to download the item you want, you must wait a few seconds during an advertiser message. Once the ad has played, the download will commence automatically. The help center on the website provides instructions for how to install the package files that you download.

The Sims Catalog

The Sims Catalog also offers an extensive selection of clothing for characters from The Sims 4. There are over 25,000 clothing downloads in total, in addition to downloads for game mods, cars, houses and lots, furniture, shoes, tattoos and more.

By default, the downloadable Sims clothing is sorted by popularity and displayed on a grid. Alternatively, you can feature the newest clothing downloads first or browse through the offerings in a list instead of on a grid. In all cases, the results can be filtered so that you only see clothing for women, men, girls, boys or toddlers. If you already know the name of the creator you like, you can filter that way too.

The Sims Catalog is 100 percent free, so they do not ask for donations or paid memberships. They also try to keep ads "to an absolute minimum." However, the download links sometimes redirect you to other websites, including The Sims Resource.


In addition to downloadable items like eyes, skin tones, and hair, Spring4Sims also offers a collection of The Sims 4 clothing downloads. These can be found broadly under "The Body Shop" section of the website. Each item is displayed in a tiled pattern on the webpage, including information about tags, the date it was added, and how many times it has been viewed.

Refer to the sidebar on the right side of the website to access clothes for females and clothes for males. The site has approximately four times more clothing options for female Sims characters than male characters. While there are tags and you can use the search bar at the top of the site, the sorting options aren't quite as robust as on the other websites.

Most, if not all, download links will also redirect you to third party websites. This is good in that it provides you with a wider selection, but it does mean you need to be extra mindful about potential security risks. You will also need to navigate through additional webpages before you get to the downloaded package.

For Fashion-Forward Fans

If you enjoy playing The Sims 4 and games like it, there is always something new to explore and try within these virtual environments. With such a broad selection of downloadable clothing, your character may soon have a wardrobe that's bigger than your own!

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Where to Download Sims Clothing