Virtual Pet Horse

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A virtual pet horse can take you through the fun of horse ownership without ever setting foot in a stable.

Why Choose a Virtual Horse?

For many children and even adults, owning a horse is a lifelong dream. However, this can be an expensive proposition, and most people don't have the land and facilities necessary to own a horse of their own. Luckily, a virtual pet can help fill this gap. However, even if you've never wanted to own a horse, a virtual horse can still be a fun digital pet if you're a fan of simulation games.

Available Virtual Pet Horse Games

There are a number of options for adopting a digital pet horse, many with the same basic setup but offering different graphics or features. Browsing several online virtual pet games will help you find the one that's best for you. The following are just a few of the sites available online for adopting your perfect digital pony.

Bunny Hero Labs

Bunny Hero Labs offers a horse among its selection of digital pets. After you select a horse from the main menu, you can then input your pet's name, your name and choose its color, whether you would like it to be brown, black or purple. However, they are not full-fledged pet-raising simulations but digital animals that appear in a small Flash window. You can enjoy them on the Bunny Hero Labs website or use HTML to place them on any website, such as your Facebook profile or Livejournal. As you click on the horse, it will move around its window and make noises. You can also choose an apple or a brush from the "More" menu to feed or groom your horse. Your pet will react to your attentions.


PonyIsland is a full online pet simulation game that allows you to breed and raise colorful and imaginative ponies. If one of your ponies is especially unique, it may get chosen as the Pony of the Week. Buy and sell ponies at the Pony Market, purchase treats at the store, and train your pony before competing in contests. There are also site-wide events, including holiday celebrations. The game also includes a member community, with several forums, including places to share your work if you like to write or draw. PonyIsland is free for the first 30 days, but there is a fee to continue playing after that.


Horseland offers both horses and dogs for players to breed and raise. Training and competing are another aspect of the site. jumping games include the opportunity to create your own courses. Unlike some other virtual pet horse games, Horseland allows you to create your own avatar, so you're also represented in the game and the online community. Your avatar can then ride your horse as you explore the game's 3D virtual world. The game is free to play.

Virtual Horse Ranch

Virtual Horse Ranch is a free game that provides another place for horse fans to breed, raise and train their own virtual pet horse. The game community offers opportunities for joining clubs, participating in special events and chatting. Members can create their own ranch webpages to show off their horses. The site offers a letter to parents to set their mind at ease about the concerns of online communities and games and to help them make a decision about whether Virtual Horse Ranch is appropriate for their children.

Before You Start

Children should make sure they have their parents' permission before registering for any online game. Be cautious if a site asks you to download a program before playing. Only download from trusted sources and use anti-virus and anti-spyware programs to prevent malicious programs from invading your computer along with the games you want to play.

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