How to Download Books to My Nintendo DS Lite

How to Download Books to My Nintendo DS Lite

Even if you use the handheld primarily for playing games, you can also use it to download books to your Nintendo DS Lite.

Introducing the E-Book Reader

Some people may already be familiar with the concept of an e-book reader. This is a much more environmentally-conscious and "green" solution, because it helps to minimize the amount of paper that we need. Instead of buying a physically printed book, we can access the exact same words and the exact same material in digital format.

There are applications available for devices like the Apple iPhone, for example, that are designed specifically for this purpose. You may also be familiar with the Amazon Kindle and its ability to purchase new e-books directly over a wireless broadband connection. While the Nintendo DS cannot do quite the same thing, it can also be used to read e-books too.

It may be a little jarring and unusual at first, but after you figure out how to download books to your Nintendo DS Lite, you may start to minimize your reliance on physical books and take on the digital e-books instead.

How to Download Books to My Nintendo DS Lite

As you try to seek out how to download books to my Nintendo DS Lite, you'll find that there are two general strategies in achieving this. Until Nintendo releases an official application as DSiWare for the Nintendo DSi, we'll have to take on slightly different approaches to loading our DS Lites with e-books.

Classic Books on DS Cartridges

If you're looking for how to download books to my Nintendo DS Lite, the easiest way is through officially sanctioned releases. There is a "game" for the DS Lite called 100 Classic Book Collection. As its name implies, this title includes 100 classic books for your reading pleasure. The average retail price is about $30.

The Custom Homebrew Application

This Nintendo DS walkthrough comes with a couple of very important caveats. First, the usage of so-called homebrew applications is by no way endorsed or supported by Nintendo. As such, any damage afflicted as a result will not be covered by warranty and the usage of homebrew applications may fall into a legal grey area. Second, LoveToKnow does not accept any responsibility if anything goes awry during the installation and use of a homebrew app. This guide is here for informational purposes only and you proceed at your own risk and precaution.

That said, the process of downloading books to the DS Lite may sound rather involving, but a little familiarity with the system should lead you down the right path. If you are already familiar with using homebrew flash carts on the DS Lite, loading e-books should be relatively straightforward.

  1. Acquire a homebrew flash cartridge for the DS Lite.
  2. Download
  3. Download the file system patch.
  4. Download the DLDI Driver.
  5. Unzip the file on your computer.
  6. Patch the software, running the dlditool32.exe program.
  7. Click the Binaries button and select your DSReader.nds file.
  8. Copy DSReader.nds, arial.ttf, and sample text to your homebrew cart's root folder.
  9. Run DS Reader on your DS Lite.
  10. Setup the program.
  11. Tap the folder icon to open your book.
  12. Flip pages with the D-pad or shoulder buttons.

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How to Download Books to My Nintendo DS Lite