Free Online Solitaire

Free Online Solitaire

Free Online Solitaire

Card games are very popular, especially when you don't have to pay to play. This article will describe a few places where you can play free online solitaire and several of its well-known variants, including Klondike, Freecell, Spider, Golf, and Pyramid. The goal in most, if not all of these games is to compile the cards in sequential order from Ace to King, typically separated by suit (diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades) as well.

Where to Play Solitaire

As one of the most popular casual games -- both online and in real life -- solitaire can be found on many websites. Here is just a small sample of where you can play solitaire.

Windows PC

Just about every version of Windows released since the archaic 3.1 has come with a small handful of games for free. While some may waste away their hours with Minesweeper, many others turn to the classic game of Solitaire. If you are running Windows XP, you should have three versions of Solitaire from which to choose: Klondike (referred to simply as Solitaire), Freecell, and Spider Solitaire. These can be accessed from the "Games" sub-category from the Start Menu.

Well, that makes sense. If you want to play solitaire, certainly is an option. Unfortunately, the game does not load right away as you need to download some (free) software. You computer and/or web browser must also contain the proper Macromedia Flash plug-ins in order for you to play. Based on a high-speed connection, the download time is five minutes or less -- not a lot of time, but not exactly ideal when you just want to pick up and play.

Solitaire Network

If you love the idea of solitaire, but are getting a little bored with only playing one or two different variations to the card game, then you should really check out Solitaire Network. I haven't even had a chance to check out all the different games yet, but my experience thus far has been quite positive. The games load quickly, they come with some fun (but not overly distracting) sound effects, and the backgrounds are colorful and vibrant. If you're new to some of these games, there's even a "rules" page for each one. Here is a list of just some of the solitaire games that Solitaire Network offers, and yes, they're all free: Free Cell, Spider, Spiderette, Klondike (Flip-1 and Flip-3), Double Klondike (two decks), Poker Square, Yukon, Flower Garden, Pyramid, Scorpion, and Tri-Peaks.

Other Free Games to Play Online

There are many other great ''free' games for you to check out online. Among the most popular are Mahjong Solitaire, Zuma, and Sudoku.

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Free Online Solitaire