Free Online Horse Games

Free online horse games can teach kids about the responsibility of owning a horse.

Playing free online horse games is not only be fun, it can educate people in the care and maintenance of the animals.

Realistic Online Horse Gaming

Horse games played online often involve realistic aspects of taking care of a real life horse. These online games have been developed for both adults and children, and they mimic the following issues a person takes on in the real world when owning a horse:

  • Buying and selling
  • Breeding
  • Grooming
  • Veterinary visits
  • Boarding
  • Training
  • Competitions

These exercises often require joining a community with free memberships and upon joining, extensive participation by members. A virtual horse community often has gaming aspects intermixed with emails, forums, and chatting with other members. Horse games can be geared towards adults, kids, or people of all ages. Accounts are free but often cost real money to upgrade.


Horseland offers two different horse gaming options. Horseland Jr. is geared towards kids under the age of 12 and is based upon the CBS Horseland cartoon series. You can create a horse, care for it, train it, enter it into shows, buy items at the tack shop, and learn about Horseland news at the clubhouse.

Horseland World is a game meant for people aged 13 and up. Only basic players are free, and they can own, breed, and show horses. To get started, sign up and check email for a verification code. Then, head to the bank and the store to purchase your first horse. A helpful listing of recent activity, horses, dogs, and stable buddies are listed on your home page.

White Oak Stables

Choose from three different horse games at White Oak Stables: racing, English, and western (under construction at the time of this article). With almost 100,000 members, this game was created to teach people about the proper care, cost, and maintenance of horses. Both kids and adults are welcome in the games. After joining, an email is sent detailing how the game is played, along with helpful hints on getting started, entering shows, and a list of common slang terms. A verification number is needed to start playing, and is sent in the email.

Horse Show Jumping

Horse Show Jumping has players follow the track in numerical order and use your space bar to jump. Watch out for your horse getting too tired, or it will slow to a stop. Arrow keys direct the horse to accelerate (up), stop (down) or turn left or right.

New online game players may have some difficulty directing horses with their keyboard and mouse. It can be hard to know exactly when to jump and figure out the delays in your actions to the on-screen horse for each game.

Free Kids' Horse Games Online

Playing free kids games online can keep them busy and out of trouble. Mark several different websites that feature a variety of horse games in your Favorites list for your kids to return to time and time again. Be sure to monitor children's use of the internet.

One online place with several games for kids is Horses 4 Kids. The site features word searches, mazes, coloring book pages, and other games with horses.

Children who are older and have better skills with mouse and keyboard strokes would be able to play many of the jumping and racing games available online too.

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Free Online Horse Games