Encyclopedia of American History Online


Using an encyclopedia of American history online is a quick way to obtain historical information in a snap. Whether you need to research for a paper, want to learn something new or are checking a fact, the following online encyclopedias can help you.

Encyclopedia of American History Online

Digital History is a well-organized website that lets you explore history in an interactive way. You can select random articles, search for a specific topic or engage in one of the many guided readings of American history. Experience history through court cases, documents that guided American history, old newspapers and more. A special section for teachers provides learning modules and lesson plans as well and guides to locate additional resources.

Students looking for project ideas can peruse the Active Learning section. If you need a history project and you can present the idea through a multimedia presentation, then take advantage of the "Create an Exhibit" area of the website. You have access to the website's photographs and have the ability to e-mail, download or save the presentation on the site's servers.

One of the unique features that Digital History offers is their interactive timeline. When you load up this Flash feature, you are given a map of the United States with a slider which you can move over different years. The slider starts in the 16th century and goes to the present. As you move the slider, important social, economic and cultural dates pop up on the map. Dragging your mouse over the icon reveals a short blurb about why that date is important.

This encyclopedia of American history online website also has electronic lectures, film trailers, Flash movies, music and a few games about history.

Other online encyclopedias include:

  • At American History Central, you can browse alphabetically or type in a search term to find results. On the main page are any recent entries and the most popular entries read by day. The site uses trusted resources from all over the United States both in print and online so you can place high value in the information given. The resources come from all 50 states and other institutes in order to give you accurate and researched information. If searching by the alphabet or through an engine seems daunting, you can peruse Categories, Topics and Collections, which contain great biographies. If for some reason you don't find the facts or research you need, you can delve into the Digital Encyclopedias listing and click on any of the many links they provide.
  • Don't let the fact that this site is hosted in the UK fool you; you'll find lots of U.S. history information available to you at Spartacus Education. The history of the United States on this site runs from 1800 to 1900. The information is first broken up by categories like the American West, First World War and Scientists and then is broken down even further once you click on the link. Most everything extremely important to American history is covered, and this site is a good way to start a search on a particular topic.
  • Even though Encyclopedia Britannica is a traditional encyclopedia with facts and information beyond American history, you'll find searching for a topic at this site will elicit much more than a simple text entry. If available, you'll also get pictures, video, sound and other vehicles for delivering the information. There are also timelines and a history atlas giving you important dates in American history at a glance.
  • Hyper History is a history website that concentrates on world history, but you can use it to narrow down certain topics pertaining to American history. For example, you can focus on the United States' involvement in World War II in relationship to other countries. The site claims they have over 2,000 files that cover over 3,000 years of history.

The Internet Medium

Since many Americans are connected to the Internet, any of the above encyclopedias of American History online are viable resources you can probably use. Just check with your teacher to ensure that you can quote any of them, if necessary.

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Encyclopedia of American History Online