Chuzzle Tips and Hints

Chuzzle Tips and Hints

Chuzzle is a great match-three game with a furry twist, but it certainly wouldn't help to have some Chuzzle tips and hints along the way. We here at LoveToKnow Video Games are here to help.

Chuzzle Tips and Hints

Put simply, Chuzzle is a game where you are presented with a six-by-six grid of furry googly-eyed fuzzballs. You must find and create sets of three (or more) of these characters -- they need not be in a straight row or column, an L-shape or 2 x 2 square is perfectly acceptable -- by sliding the rows and columns. In this way, the gameplay mechanic is quite different from many other match-three casual games out there, like Bejeweled and Jewel Quest.

So, playing Chuzzle brings on a whole new set of challenges, and as a result, a whole new set of strategies. You can't just focus on the bottom few rows, and because there are fewer rows and columns, you have to make do with what you have. But what do you have?

Special Chuzzle Characters

The standard Chuzzles are fine and dandy, but there's a few of them out there that are different from the others, sometimes in your favor, sometimes not. Here are a few of the special characters you'll encounter along the way:

  • Giant chuzzles take up much more room than their normal-sized brethren. Taking up a 2 x 2 space on the grid, these bigger brothers cannot shift off the screen. Moreover, when you move them, you move two rows (or columns) simultaneously, rather than just one. Despite their increased size, giant chuzzles do not count as two regular-sized ones; you still need to group together at least three furry friends. When they do clear, however, they take up a bit more room in the beaker, helping you more quickly advance to the next stage.
  • Blinking chuzzles are fantastic for extra points. They are loaded with value. Moreover, they're a little suicidal in nature: when they clear, they explode, taking several chuzzles with them. This gives you mundo points and a literally earth-shattering experience.
  • Locked chuzzles cannot move. In fact, you cannot move the row or column that they are in, forcing you to work around this challenge. They can still be cleared, but you must make maximum use of the surrounding chuzzles in order to do so. When you see a chuzzle in handcuffs (fur-cuffs?), you should make it a priority to free him.

Time is of the Essence

When you play the main game mode (sometimes referred to as "Classic"), time isn't that much of an issue, but when you opt for Speed Chuzzle, time is of the absolute essence as you must fight the clock. Let the meter become full and yet another fuzzy friend will get locked down, and you don't want that. Use quick wits and quicker clicks to make sure all your chuzzles remain free to move.

Use Hints with Discretion

When you're stuck, you're stuck. It can difficult to find appropriate moves sometimes and that's why the Hint feature is there for you, but use hints with caution. They are not free. You lose some of the work that you have already completed, because each time you use a hint, your beaker filling with chuzzles becomes slightly depleted. Use hints too often and you'll find yourself with an empty beaker, effectively nullifying any progress you have made thus far.

Combos are Best

They can be difficult to plan, but if you can create larger groups (chuzzles in sets of four or more), you can get lots of points. Similarly, if you can set a chain reaction in motion, you will also rack up the points: what this means is if by clearing one set, you create another, and another, and another, you will receive more points that clearing those groupings individually.

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Chuzzle Tips and Hints