Bookworm Tips and Hints

Bookworm Tips and Hints

Online word games can be quite challenging sometimes, but don't worry because your pals at LoveToKnow Video Games are here with some Bookworm tips and hints. That hungry little librarian will have plenty of words (and points) to munch on after you've had a chance to peruse these Bookworm strategies and tricks. Don't forget to have fun along the way!

Bookworm Tips and Hints

An online version of Bookworm can be found at SolitaireGames. To help you along your word searching adventure, we have provided a number of tips and hints. Check them out.

Ease of Use

Before we get into a discussion about getting as many points as possible and progressing to the highest level, it may be a good idea to bring to light a few simple things that will make this game easier for you to play. It's already fairly straight-forward with a mouse-only interface, but it can be even easier, yes it can.

  • Double click on the last letter of your chosen word rather than on the "submit" button. This speeds up the process significantly and makes for a more pleasant playing experience.
  • Right click to unselect all the letters. If you started stringing together a set of letters only to discover that your word isn't really a word (or isn't as available as you thought it was), you can simply give a quick click to your right mouse button to deselect them all, instead of left-clicking on all the tiles in reverse order.
  • Valid words will show up in the left column accompanied by a point count. If you don't see a number underneath your word, Bookworm won't accept it.

Maximize Your Bookworm Points

Want to be the top scorer among your friends in Bookworm? Have a peek at these strategies:

  • Golden tiles give you bonus points when they are used to create a word, especially longer ones.
  • Green tiles also provide extra points.
  • Create the bonus word to get lots of extra points. The "bonus word" appears starting in level 2, and is located just below the bookworm on the left hand side.
  • Longer words result in more points, naturally, so don't always just look for the quick 3-letter score.
  • Dots in the corner of each tile indicate its point value. If you see a tile with several dots (up to three) in the corner, it will give you more points if used. Such letters include J, X, and Qu.
  • You can edit and take out all the hard words. Bonus words increase in value, until after 11 bonus words they are worth 50,000 points each.

Survive the Gauntlet

Getting lots of points are great, but they're meaningless if you can't make it to the next level. Here are some tips and tricks to assist you on your journey:

  • Red fiery tiles cannot reach the bottom of the screen. Plain and simple. As soon as they do, the game is over, and you don't want that to happen, now do you? So, use these red tiles as soon as you possibly can.
  • Scramble the tiles by clicking on the green literature-loving invertebrate (i.e., the worm). This can help you get out of situations where you are hard-pressed to find a word. Remember, though, that when you use the "scramble" feature, the fiery red tiles still descend one level.
  • Short words may seem like the easier thing to do, but they contribute little to the game meter (which, when full, takes you to the next level). In this way, it is in your best interest to find the longest words possible.
  • Take your time as there is no limit in Bookworm. Whether it takes you five seconds or five minutes to find your word has no impact on your score or level-hopping ability.
  • If you remove two or more tiles from a column a red tile will not appear in that column. Red tiles only appear in columns where you remove only one tile.

Learning Fun With Bookworm

Bookworm isn't just fun, it's also time well spent. Players can increase their vocabularies, improve their spelling, and learn how to strategize. With all this going for it, Bookworm is well worth playing.

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Bookworm Tips and Hints